IT 2017 vs IT 1990 Are you looking forward to the new Stephen King IT movie? Rant Time!

Hey Ranters! Welcome to another rant, I mean episode of Rant Time! I hope you guys are just as stoked

Logan! Wow hands down the best X-Men movie ever!!!

Logan F*#K you Logan you nearly made me cry! LOGAN – Broken, Beaten… but 100% Badass! Let’s start this blog

All about BOOBS! Big, Bigger and Bouncier

Boobs yes, you read the title correctly, no need for a second pair of spectacles. This is not a math trick on a calculator…

Surviving Indie… More like surviving the movie!

Surviving Indie, what you see is not always what you get, as I recently discovered when I rented this movie

Samsung S8, S8+ vs iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2, XL 2 vs Razer Phone vs OnePlus 5

Choose your weapon! The ultimate versus match is at hand which device is in your corner? With the world changing

Amazon Echo range lets talk smart home tech

I’m sure you have asked yourself this question, What is a smart home and do I want a smart home?

5 of the WORST GAMES made!….plus extras!

You got that right 5 of the worse games made! It should be a law for AAA game developers to

30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

Cartoons! Cartoons, Cartoons! You’re probably asking why 30? Well because we at Rant Time go above and beyond on all