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Samsung S8, S8+ vs iPhone X vs Google Pixel 2, XL 2 vs Razer Phone vs OnePlus 5

versus iPhone X, Samsung s8, S8+, Razer Phone, One Plus 5

Choose your weapon!

The ultimate versus match is at hand which device is in your corner?

With the world changing to become faster, more streamline and more connected then ever before. The main question comes out, do we really need all that power in a smart phone? does your daily driver really need 8GB of LPDDR4 ram? how much of a gaming experience can we expect from our daily drivers and will smart phones become the next laptop? (If you know the answer to these questions it would be great to hear your opinion in the comments below)

Lets try and answer one question at a time, as most smart phones have high branding reps, for example I have been an apple user since the iPhone 4 and couldn’t really see myself using any other device till I was disappointed with the iPhone X specs and silly animoji experience on an £999 (Premium) phone. I still think the iPhone is the best looking phone on the market but its specs are not as favourable and for my self it, feels like the brand I followed (apple) has lost its way on the innovation side. which made me look into alternative devices on the market. But choosing the right phone when you have been out of the game can be daunting.


So I ask my self a group of questions:

What would I need my daily driver to do?

My main driver has to be able to handle general business tasks : access to multiple Calendars in one location, To Do list, Good Ai. Clear voiced phone calls, Allow me to add multiple email accounts. It must have 4k filming at 60fps or close to 1080p. (Which will help me set scenes for filming projects in the real world, saves me hogging around multiple lens and DSLR bodies) The camera app must open quickly (I have found there is a delay / lag on iOS when looking to film on the fly)


What apps do I need?

I need to be able to run all my social media from a device and not have it crash or bug out on me. As of current it is important to have an expandable memory unit to allow me to store my data on different cards and not fill up my phones memory.


Charging and other wireless actions

This is important as I need to remove the media from my device quickly and clear my phone back up for more filming, and being able to charge my phone faster means less waiting times. or having to charge the phone in a car because the battery is 7%



Based on my requirements this puts the Samsung S8 / Samsung S8+ and Razor phone as my main choices.


I have put together a list of specs to help you compare the best daily drivers on the market in 2017.

iPhone X vs Samsung S8 vs  S8+ vs  Razer Phone vs Google Pixel 2 vs Google Pixel 2 XL vs One Plus 5

SpecSamsung S8+Samsung S8Google Pixel 2 XLGoogle pixel 2Razer PhoneiPhone Xoneplus 5
Screen Size6.2 inche5.8 inche152mm127mm5.72 inches5.8 inche5.5 inche
Screen resolutionQHD+ 2960 x 1440 570ppiQHD+ 2960 x 1440 570ppi2880 x 1440FHD 1920 x 10801440 x 2560 120 Hz2436 x 1125 458 PPI1080p
Height  157.9 mm145.7 mm tall158.5 mm  
Fast Charging USB-C USB-C USB-C 3.1 Gen 1USB-C 3.1 Gen 1USB-CUSB-CUSB-C
Battery amps3500 mAh3000 mAh3520 mAh2700 mAh4000 mAh 3300 mAh
Water ResistanceIP68 certifiedIP68 certified   IP67 certified 
ProcessorExynos 8895Exynos 8895Snapdragon 835Snapdragon 835Snapdragon 835A11 Bionic ChipSnapdragon 835
Camera (Back)12MP12MP12.2 MP12.2 MP12MPDual 12MPDual 16 & 20 MP
Aperture (Back)F1.7F1.7f1.8f1.8f2.6f 1.8 and f 2.4f1.7 -f2.6
Camera (Front)8MP8MP8MP8MP8MP 8MP 
operating systemAndriod 7.1.1Andriod 7.1.1Andriod 8.0.0 OreoAndriod 8.0.0 OreoAndriod 7.1.1 IOS 11Andriod 7.1.1
Bluetooth5555 55
Storage64 gb64 gb64 gb -128 gb64 gb – 128 gb64GB64GB64GB
Storage expandableYES 256GBYES 256GBNONOYES 256 GBNONO
Expandable typeMicro SDMicro SDNONENONEMicro SDNONO
Cloud driveSamsung CloudSamsung CloudGoogle DriveGoogle DriveGoogle DriveiCloud DriveGoogle Drive
Cloud drive cost per month  FREEFREE 0.79p 
Cloud drive free  FREEFREE 5GB 
Cloud Storage  UnlimitedUnlimited 50GB 
Year 2017 Match 2017 2017 2017 2017 2017 2017
AiBixby + GoogleBixby + GoogleGoogleGoogleGoogleSiriGoogle
Glass Gorilla Glass 5Gorilla Glass 5Gorilla Glass 3dGorilla Glass 5Gorilla Glass 3 Gorilla Glass 5


Hopefully this spec sheet will help you choose your device, if so please let me know in the comments which device you have chosen and why?

Products from Amazon.co.uk

    Amazon Echo range lets talk smart home tech

    I’m sure you have asked yourself this question, What is a smart home and do I want a smart home?

    Amazon Echo Rant Time review

    Well let me try to help as much as I can with an explanation….


    As we have all heard of the Amazon Echo being a great smart piece of home technology, it is not for everyone and can scare a few people but hopefully this Rant Time post will ease your mind. With today’s lives we try to cram as much in a day as possible and sometimes just having that helping hand from time to time can be a life saver. This is just one form factor made by Amazon to help turn your ordinary home into a smart home. Keep in mind, the technology of the word “Smart” isn’t something new in today’s world with nearly every mobile, tablet and even watch on the market, being classed as a smart. If you remember mobiles prior to Blackberry, when the Nokia 3310 and Sony Ericsson T-10 was the most popular, we went thought the same issue when smart phone technology started to take over the market. Everyone had this fear that Skynet from Terminator was about to start and our phones would take over our lives (which to a point has kind of come true!). But at the same time we have never been more connected to what’s happening in the world than we are now.

    So what is a smart home?

    Well the simplest way to answer this is to say, it’s a home with functions. These functions range from basic tasks like asking the Echo to set reminders, or remember something to more connective tasks like turning on a home light, depending on the level of tech you have in your home. Or it can be a simple task such as connecting to a news feed and telling you the latest information. As smart home tech advances, we will start to have more functions that would help us access information faster.

    If I buy an Amazon Echo can I just use it?

    This is a bit of a tricky question as it all comes down to what you want to use it for. If it’s for basic things like sending notes to your phone or making reminders then yes, any of the Echo products will work straight out of the box for you but just make sure you have a internet connection.

    If you are looking to activate plugs, lights and other household devices, then you would need to make sure they are compatible, check to see if they have Bluetooth or WiFi connections. 

    Belkin make a wide range of wall plug sockets you would need to use if you want to turn on items like a TV, hi-fi, computers etc

    Products from Amazon.co.uk

      While philips and TP link make good smart bulbs that connect to most smart home devices via wifi.

      Products from Amazon.co.uk

        So how does it work?

        Once you have connected your Echo to WiFi, you get to give it a name (let’s say you named it as Alexa). Now that is set up, you want to command Alexa to turn something on or off for you, e.g. bedroom light. Now using a verbal command with Alexa the AI, you can ask Alexa to turn on or off the bedroom light by clearly saying “Alexa turn bedroom light on” or vise versa.

        This will then trigger a function within the device which will activate that command and in return turn on or off your bedroom light.

        Amazon Echo Price range £49.99

        Products from Amazon.co.uk

          Amazon Echo Price Range £89.99

          Products from Amazon.co.uk

            Amazon Echo Price Range £99.99 – £199.99

            Products from Amazon.co.uk

              Does it make a difference what device I have?

              At this current moment in time, smart homes are still kind of new and are being updated on a regular basis to fit in with today’s tasks. If you are new to smart home tech, I would recommend you starting with the basic £49.99 Echo Dot (speakerless) as this price point will help you decide if smart home tech is something you want to invest in. But if you’re going all out and only want the best, then I would say weigh your pros and cons about each device, find out what they do and what you need them to do.

              Remember this choice should be based on what you need your smart home device to do, not what it can do and you have to work around it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what the £49.99 Echo Dot can do compared to the £189.99 version.


              Hopefully this post will help you decide if smart home technology will aid your lifestyle or not, regardless of the outcome it would be great to hear your thoughts in the comment below.


              Thanks for checking out this post!


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              IT 2017 vs IT 1990 Are you looking forward to the new Stephen King IT movie? Rant Time!

              Hey Ranters!

              Welcome to another rant, I mean episode of Rant Time! I hope you guys are just as stoked as I am about the new remake of the biggest horror/thriller movie of the 90s. You know which one I’m talking about. I’m talking about IT!

              In this short video, I’m going to throw out a few thoughts about what I liked most about the 1990’s version of IT, what made it scary for me and touch a little on the new trailer as well as the original.

              Again, the original was from the 90’s and just like the Simpsons said about the Halloween movies

              “maybe people were just easier to scare back then”.


              With that being said

              I remember everyone talking about how the movie messed with their childhood. One of the biggest quotes said by Tim Curry as Pennywise that I remember and still use to this day is: They all float! It’s just freaky as hell quote!

              So, let’s get stuck into this video.

              What was it about the 90’s version that I liked? For me, it was all about the adventure and I love adventure movies, Goonies, back to the future, Bill and Ted. It’s when you get a group of friends and you take on something far out of your control, with IT… you dealt with bullies, then something completely different on a whole new level. It was entertaining and had an element to it that made you wonder what if it was me in that situation. I won’t go into talking about the plot in case you guys haven’t watched the original. But remember there will be spoilers in this video. I suppose the part most people want to discuss is Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown bit of an odd name as you never see him dance. Wow.. I honestly don’t believe they could have got anyone better. Tim Curry nailed that role. My favorite scene was the library where Pennywise trolls Richie and releases the balloons full of blood.

              It was entertaining and had an element to it that made you wonder what if it was me in that situation. I won’t go into talking about the plot in case you guys haven’t watched the original. But remember there will be spoilers in this video. I suppose the part most people want to discuss is Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown bit of an odd name as you never see him dance. Wow.. I honestly don’t believe they could have got anyone better. Tim Curry nailed that role. My favorite scene was the library where Pennywise trolls Richie and releases the balloons full of blood.
              IT the clown from stephen kings 1990 movie
              Or the part where he climbs up a lamppost in an older photo and starts treating the kids watching him. Tim Curry did for Pennywise what Michael Keaton did for Beetlejuice. They created a character that would never be forgotten.

              So, let’s talk about the new dancing clown IT and why I’m not too keen on this new Pennywise

              This is based on the look of the new pennywise from the trailer and snapshots, to me, he looks dark, Demonic. Evil but also simple and a bit stupid. Let’s face it if a kid laid eyes on him looking like that, The kid is going to scream or cry and guaranteed to run home. At least in the older version, you could kind of see why kids are not scared of the clown and why it was so easy for pennywise to capture them. While there are some similarities I’m not too keen on the look of the new pennywise but don’t forget, this is just a trailer and I’m sure there are parts we haven’t seen.
              Unless this is one of them trailers that show all the best parts.

              But from what I have seen about the way he looks; His character doesn’t seem to have that comedic look about him. But this could be a dark film where a clown isn’t funny. Although the first thing that pops into my head is jump scares and sinister music. While the original Pennywise looked more approachable and acted friendly towards his prey, his overall appearance was that of a complete clown, the laughter, joking and gags we didn’t really see his evil or dark side straight away, instead he built fear up inside his prey bit by bit making them more fearful of him. This is another aspect of what made the 90’s version so cool, it would have been easy for pennywise to just kill them all. Instead, he breaks them down bit by bit making them feel like he’s an unstoppable opponent.

              While we are talking about the new Pennywise Let’s address the Dress no pun intended!

              There are a few pictures floating around the internet where the new pennywise is wearing a very old school clown outfit that looks more like a Victorian dress. You get that feeling like it’s part of the insidious movie look, but what do you think? Do you prefer the original Pennywise or the new look?


              Stephen Kings IT - Pennywise
              Stephen Kings IT – Pennywise

              The New Trailer

              So, the new trailer shows a very similar story to part 1 of the original versions where it starts with Georgie chasing his paper boat, while the rain is pushing it towards a storm drain. And then POW! Georgie knocks himself out by running into a warning Ballard. This just made me laugh.

              Anyways shortly after Georgy boat gets pulled into the drain
              he looks in to see if he can see the boat

              a small jump scare pops up and we get our first sighting of IT, but he’s really evil looking. You telling me a kid would stay there to talk to an evil looking clown?

              This gives me the feeling this film might have a completely different approach to the original

              while Tim Curry’s Pennywise was funny and trollsom, Bill Skarsgård might be dark and demonic. Giving this new film a completely different twist.

              If you guys haven’t watched the trailer I would leave a link in the description for you to do so.
              I highly recommend you guys watching the two-part IT from the 1990’s, If anyone has read IT the Stephen Kings Books from 1986 drop a comment below and let me know if it’s worth a read.
              If you liked this video why not show us some love by liking, sharing and subscribe to this channel so we know to bring out more content like this and I will see you in the next video. Thanks for tuning in and stay tuned in for more epic rants!


              Link for the It trailers https://youtu.be/IVMIiE0SR18

              Logan! Wow hands down the best X-Men movie ever!!!


              logan 2017 March 3rd on Ranttime.co.uk

              F*#K you Logan you nearly made me cry!

              Logan !!Spoilers!!
              Spoilers below! – Little disclaimer here this article will hold spoilers. If you have not watched this film I suggest you watch it as its bad ass! If you do not wish to know more DO NOT read below these lines as it could ruin your experience.

              For those of you that do not know Wolverine is Logan

              LOGAN – Broken, Beaten… but 100% Badass!

              Let’s start this blog post by saying this movie beat my expectations and made me want more. When I first heard there was a new wolverine movie, I didn’t give it much though. I honestly shrugged it off thinking it was going to be like other X men movie, kids based, bright colourful and no super over powered bad guys.

              If anyone remembers the X Men movies starting in the early Y2K, than I’m sure you know what I mean. Each movie started going down hill bit by bit. The best part of all of these movies was Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart well for me it was. One of the biggest flops to a good story was X-Men Origins: Wolverine being the most talked about by far. The biggest problem I had with this movie was having the merc with a mount Dead Pool with NO Mouth! come on directors WTF was you thinking.

              Name another messed up on an X Men movie you say… Ok hows the Wolverine movie its not a bad wolverine spin off at all. I just found it had a very boring final boss fight. The Silver Samurai was so boring! and yet it shouldn’t of been, as you have a mecha robot with a lightsaber and yet he didn’t come across as a threatening. Then there is the whole movies plot which was relying on Wolverine’s healing ability which has kinda gone stale over the years.

              Other bad guys that had this same issue was when Jean Grey who became the Phoenix! (The most badass, dangerous character ever and yet it ended so easily..) So as you can imagine Logan wasn’t on my must watch list.

              But… I’ll give it a go…

              So I waited and waited till I couldn’t wait no more and gave Logan a try. I honestly wasn’t expecting much at the beginning. Till the first fight scene and I was hooked! Blood, Gore and Decapitations! yes that’s right decapitations this was not for kids and then what sealed the deal for me was when I heard the first F bomb and from that moment I was hooked.

              The color correction the film editors made, really set the mood the movie, it wasn’t bright at all, the color looked as tho it has been sucked out or aged.

              A Broken Man

              Throughout all the X Men movies there is one thing we know about Logan (Wolverine) is that he is affected by his past, he has nightmares, cold sweats and wants it to end. You really feel for him in this movie. The story gives you more insight into how he feels and you get the picture that Logan is only living for Xavier.

              The look and way the director has changed Logan is unbelievable, his over all look is completely different to previous movies. His skin texture, scruffy beard, unhealed scars really set the mood of the issues Logan is going though. You heard the saying old age? well Logan is going through the same but on a mutant level, where he has problems such as Blades (Claws) not fully coming out, bruises not healing walking with a limp and coughing throughout the movie. All of these elements adds up where you can see that he’s a broken man, with no direction, other than to look after Xavier. And WOW is Xavier different, the world’s most powerful mind is now suffering from Alexanders Disease (ALX)


              What is Alexanders?

              Alexander disease is a progressive and usually fatal neurological disorder in which the destruction of white matter in the brain is accompanied by the formation of abnormal deposits known as Rosenthal fibres. Rosenthal fibres are aggregations of protein that occur in the astrocytes, which are non neuronal, supporting cells of the brain.

              Ref: leukodystrophy resource

              Let’s just say its not the Xavier we know, this man is a paraplegic with ALX that needs Logan just as much as Logan needs him. Both actors took their skills to new heights and it really shows in this movie. When Xavier has an ALX episode his body spasms and his telekinetic power starts draining the life forces of everyone around him on a mass scale (Not just in the same room).

              From the beginning you realise that there isn’t any other mutants, which makes this world feel dark and cold as your asking where are they? what has happened to them? What happened to the X-Mansion?. Every now and then Xavier hints out, with tears that he has done something really bad, where he should be punished for it. It kind of makes you think what did Xavier do?


              The movie’s story

              Logan has a simple plan, work, save money buy a boat, take Xavier with him so they both can live out the rest of their lives. That is it, simple. But like most X Men movies it never goes as planned and before you know it Logan is tide into a in issue he doesn’t want to be apart off.


              X23 / X24 Programme

              I will write a new blog post just on these two sections in the future as there is so much I want to say. So please keep visiting ranttime.co.uk regularly to read part two to Logan.


              Rant Time thoughts…

              Logan is without a doubt the best movie in the X Men genre, but it still has issues one being the bad guys (henchmen). They are boring and none of them seem threatening enough to be worried, even in Logan’s current state you never get that feeling that the bad guys have the upper hand. I found Boyd Holbrook playing the character of Donald Pierce flat, I kept thinking I was watching Sons of Anarchy. Wasn’t Donald Pierce a deep mutant hating bigot? You never get that from this character he just seems like a ranked henchman. Now this would of been awesome if the henchmen were over powered and can kill mutants willy nilly. Making it seem like Logan has no choice but to run and hide (cat and mouse style).

              While Logan is not your typical superhero flick it is definitely going to be a fan favourite over all the others, The director shows a unique insight into what the world would be like if no mutants existed. Its very dramatic and you can feel the tension that this is the end of mutant kind.


              Everytime… I’ve care for someone, they end up getting hurt – Logan


              Rant Time Rating

              8/10 MUST WATCH!

              All about BOOBS! Big, Bigger and Bouncier

              Boobs. Yes, you read the title correctly, no need for a second pair of spectacles. This is not a math trick on a calculator that equals 80085 (Or is it 58008?)… There are no typos! This article will be all about BOOBS! And not just any type of boobs but the digital, pixel bouncy ones.

              Rant Time Boobs Breasts in Games

              When writing this article, two questions crossed my mind:

              Are we gamers becoming more perverted?
              Are game developers letting out their hidden boob fantasies?

              As a disclaimer, I would say this article is intended for adult/mature readers, no nudity or sexual pretence is included in this article.

              As crazy as it sounds, this is a hard article to write about without coming across as a sexist towards women for liking the unrealistic proportions of women or a hater towards my fellow man for hating most of the character designs… with that being said let’s move on to the booby parts, I mean best part.

              So how do we start an article about boobs?

              I suppose we should go back to the mid 90’s where the world stopped turning for every man because of the pixelated boobs of Lara Croft. If anyone remembers this classic game then you might also remember every kid/teenager and adult trying to perform the naked cheat, then lying about getting the cheat to work (not including Tomb Raider 3).

              So I’m going to use Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider as my starting point or the first ambassador for women’s boobage in games. In 1997, after Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider, a very well known game popped up called Final Fantasy 7. If you’re an FF7 fan then you more than likely know, I’m going to reference Tifa Lockhart for her pixelated goodness. It’s a bit shocking to think, but a Final Fantasy 7 character had bigger breasts than most page 3 models (not that I know about that! lol). Again a few years later and POW!!! Dead or Alive, the game that changed physics forever with its realistic boob bounce. Dead or Alive not only had/have stunning visual characters with gigantic jugs, but they also have a physics element that makes them bounce and move by action! (Anime Nose Bleed)

              So what is our fascination with big boobs in games?

              Is big boobs the future for female characters?

              During the 90’s female characters were known to be strong and adventurous.

              Just to name a few:

              • Lara Croft from Tomb Raider
              • Hana Tsu-Vachel from Fear Effect
              • Sarah Kerrigan from StarCraft (I know not 90’s but she’s bad ass)
              • Samus Aran from Metroid
              • Jill Valentine/ Ada Wong from Resident Evil
              • The girl from Legend of Mir 2
              • Ellie from The Last of Us
              • Clementine from The Walking Dead
              • The Boss From Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Also has an epic theme song)

              With that being said, what has happened to strong female leads now? To be honest I have no clue… Let’s hope that the future holds a couple awesome female leads that will make up for the over population of empty headed super boobage and high pitched voices. So what are your thoughts on modern day characters do you feel they downgrade women?



              To an extent, most of the characters listed below only make high pitched noises and bounce.

              Top ten games with serious boobage in:

              10 Darkstalker

              9 Street Fighter

              Wow hasn’t Street Fighter changed throughout the years, from classic awesomeness to serious bodybuilder body types. I think Ryu has spent more time in the gym then the dojo, But get aload of these punching bags on Laura Matsuda.

              8  Bayonetta

              While I could of changed this game, there are scenes that show off the boobaction pactness of Bayonetta.

              Bayonetta very sexy moment hot

              7 Ninja Gaiden (3d versions)

              NINJA’S!!!! What else do I need to say!

              ninja-gaiden boobs

              6 Soul Calibur

              One of the best fighting games on this planet! But we all know Ivy for two things!

              5 Mortal Kombat

              Mortal Kombat is yet another fighting game that has changed over the years- and the result? Serious boobage! I have never really been a fan of this game from the start it has always felt empty to me.. weird right? But if your a fan of MK let me know what you think in the comments below.

              mortal-kombat-boobs on rant time

              4 Bmx XXX

              If I remember correctly this game come out on the PS2 and was banned or censored in the UK. Imagine being naked and doing BMX tricks!

              bmx-xxx-boobs on rant Time

              3 Every other Dead or Alive game – Dead or Alive = bouncy breasts!!

              dead or alive bouncy breasts

              2 Dead or Alive Volleyball

              1 Bloody Boobs

              All I can say about this game is….was Bloody Boobs really released on Steam?!!!! Lol Seriously…

              Additional extras that could be added to this list:

              Mass Effect!

              Wrapping up the boob article!

              So fellow Ranters, I hope you liked this article as it is a little left field. If you think I have missed anything please let me know in the comments below and also please tell me your personal views on female characters in games.

              and also if Ive missed any games with major boobage!

              Surviving Indie… More like surviving the movie!

              Surviving Indie, what you see is not always what you get, as I recently discovered when I rented this movie on Steam. The trailer really sold the video to me and made me curious to see what the movie had to offer. Have you ever heard the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’? Well, I wonder what it would be if the saying was ‘never judge a video by it’s trailer’. If so, then this video would suck!

              surviving indie review by rant time

              The trailer showed games like Journey and Super Meat Boy as well as indie projects, interviews, talks etc. Because of the trailer, it made Surviving Indie seem like it’s a must watch, rent or buy.

              I’m currently in the process of making my own games, so this trailer made me really curious. I wanted to know some first-hand experiences from a wide range of people doing the same thing. I wanted to know what technology different developers are using, what their processes towards starting a game are, the hardships, if they reference any books or general information that we the people would find useful.

              Just like me, I’m sure you’re looking for the same information, how to SURVIVE IN THE INDIE INDUSTRY. I thought this video would give some awesome insight and tips from multiple indie developers but what we got were personal experiences from developers that had/have hit rock bottom. To put it bluntly more bollocks than information in all honesty.

              Guys you should know by now all Rant Time posts have Spoilers!!!

              The description of the video:

              Several independent game creators retell their struggles, failures, and triumphs while discussing what it means to be an “indie,” and what it means to be a creative.

              While the video does do what it says in the description, I think it focuses way too much on the struggles and failures of being an indie developer of the SELECTED few. It feels more like a mental health video rather than a documentary on surviving as an indie developer. Imagine a water aid advert that’s over an hour long!!

              It’s a shame but I’m sure Surviving Indie will put off a lot of creative people from wanting to develop their own games or platforms as the video has a big negative feel. The negative feel is upsetting, to say the least as it doesn’t really touch upon being creative” or the “triumphs” and when it does it’s written on screen at the end of the video, which is over shadowed by the struggles and failures of the hosts.

              For example, at the end of the video for 13 seconds (including fade transitions) it displays:

              “In November of 2016, Battlesloths was signed for distribution by a major publisher”. A formal announcement of it’s signing is set for January 2017

              Now that is uplifting and joyous information, WHY IS IT SO HIDDEN?!!!!

              surviving indie review by rant time

              Here are my issues with the video and I have many.

              Let’s face it, being an “indie” means you’re not funded, you’re not part of an AAA game company so the first thing is you need to do is to secure funding to develop your project whether you’re working on it full time or part time, that’s common sense. Not only that, unless you’re financially secure,  DO NOT leave your paying job to focus on your unpaid indie project otherwise you would be on Surviving Indie Part 2.

              The video doesn’t really break down anything about how to survive (Survive: continue to live or exist, especially in spite of danger or hardship. survive is also something we do to overcome.)

              I think the video could have touched a lot more upon indie developers who have made it, how they made it and their individual struggles. YouTube has a load of indie developers who share their stories, just to name some:

              Benjamin Anderson
              He gives free tutorials on game making and has written an awesome book about Game Maker.
              Youtube name is: HeartBeast 

              Benjamin Anderson Game Maker


              Matt Gilgenbach

              The creator of the awesome and shocking Never Ending Nightmares has 230 video diaries ready to watch that he created during the creation of his game.

              These are just 2 very inspirational people that have introduced me to their world and because of that, I will support them by purchasing their games/udemy videos or books like above.

              Back to Surviving Indie, the video has a lot of missing parts that are mainly around the creative side of staying fresh and up to date in the industry. It displays Team Meat for just a few seconds, but why not get interviews from Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes instead of just rehashing footage from Indie Game the movie.

              The theme seems to stick around the negative sides of game making and not making it in the industry and it really has this mental health feel to it. Just like everything in the world, some people make it and others don’t. The gaming world is over saturated with rubbish and promising games so having something new and exciting will set you above the rest. The gaming world has always been like this since the great console wars of the 80’s-90’s.

              surviving indie review by rant time

              The main question, is Surviving Indie worth buying?

              If you’re thinking of watching it to see how to survive as an indie developer, then this is a big NO. Honestly the information in the video you will be able to find on YouTube from other developers and they will be a heck of a lot more insightful. If you’re thinking of watching the video and expecting to find ways additional ways of surviving as an indie developer, then I would avoid this video.

              But if it’s a must watch for you then I say rent it, especially when it is discounted on Steam. While there are some very good parts which I will list below, the majority of the video seems to be focused around Richard. I would also recommend at this point for you to watch prior to this video one called “Indie Game: The Movie”.


              Don’t get me wrong, Surviving Indie does have a few insightful parts but the majority of the video is of people that have hit rock bottom and talking about their life stories. The problem with the video is the rock bottom sections go on for freaking ages! There is a reason it’s called Surviving Indie but in all honesty, the video should be called Surviving Failure!!

              Richard Cook, the director of the video, should have rechecked his storyboard because of this I can only imagine the negative views it gets. Though I am swayed as I liked some parts and hated others, I’m more swayed to say avoid the video rather than recommend it which is a shame as again it does have some very good parts.

              It is very hard to stay focused when you have the same person telling the viewer he couldn’t do this because of this or he couldn’t do that because of that. You really feel a negative vibe from Richard from the start with its cold Kelvin footage. (color Balance to the video) The negative feel really starts to drags on throughout the hour and 30 minutes.

              The biggest issue about Surviving Indie is Richard’s whining for three-quarters of the video! FFS! you start to blank out because of it, I found myself doodling more when he was on screen compared to the others which is, upsetting as this guy clearly has talent just bad management skills.

              A great game designer is not someone who has a great idea but someone who, when they find out there first idea was terrible has 100 ideas to try. Kellee Santiago


              What did I get from the video about the hosts?

              Honestly, the majority of the host seemed on the level they gave good information but could have got a lot deeper if they had longer sections there was a bit of rehashed video footage from other movies which was a shame. Richard comes across as very lazy and you can kinda understand why his projects fail, Its like from the beginning he’s trying to give a negative message as to why you shouldn’t get into the industry.

              There was even a section where Richard says he could have done a lot more on his game if he didn’t drink during that stage in his life. I understand that he opens up about his life but the information in the video doesn’t show a person that wants to achieve, it shows a person making a Mortal Kombat rip-off off, not hitting deadlines, not having a project to show at events and wants to know why he’s not getting nowhere.

              It kind of makes you think, you’re developing a game to get your name out there, why are you not planning it out. Sticking to deadlines having a product for people to see. No one will take you seriously if you don’t hit deadlines and no one is going to want a product they can’t see, feel or demo. You can clearly see he has no plan of action, no realist goals and he’s waiting for his friend to tell him what to do because of this, he missed his deadline to show his game at a big event. But yet when he talked about the Janitor game we can sense a spark of passion and that game looked freaking cool.

              Speakers from Surviving Indie

              Rami Ismail The video started strong with Rami, he has some good insight he needed a lot more time on screen, he’s engaging and to the point.

              Ryan Zehm – This guy has some very good information and touches upon situations that we developers go through. It’s such a shame it’s clouded with a lot of life story. Now I wouldn’t mind the backstory part as it was engaging but don’t forget we have already had half of Richards backstory already and by now it just feels like a dick measuring completion on who had it worse. Ryans section is very good minus the backstory.

              Becca Blair Spurgin – Has to be the shining star of the whole video if any part of the video is worth watching its Becca Blair’s section as she talks about crowd funding to help develop her project, sharing on social networks and not relying on one platform to gain an income to start her project. Please note it is a very short section.

              Jay Tholen also has a very good section where he shares his story of hiring a programmer to develop his game project. Jay also talks about how his art style changed during the process of his games development, which meant he had to go back and re-edit his earlier work. This was very insightful as this is a re-occurring problem for, artist, coders/programmers as you get better at something you realise the faults in your earlier work.

              Tyler Coleman – Not enough screen time.

              Richard James Cook – Damn, way to much screen time! it was like a battle of who has the harder life between himself and Ryan Zehm. Now you know Richard has talent he’s got some awesome looking projects online but none finished that I know off.

              At the end of the video we are addressed with a section by Richard stating if you think there would be a happy ending to this video you are wrong. You can understand why the game isn’t a success story. Richard seems to suck at time keeping and/or project management. Or maybe the video is just designed to not to be a rags to riches video with an intended plot to fail.



              Comment By : Kiwiforge and reply by Gamestar Arts Richard on youtube


              Sorry but i cant help it, i just watched pixels and polygons, and afterwards i tried to find the game and found out you never finished it, I cant seem to find any games you’ve finished, How can you make a documentry about indie dev when you haven’t even finished a game?


              Gamestar Art:

              Fair inquiry. So, Pro Janitor Police got to about 90% done and then the team fell apart, which is probably one of the most difficult things I had to to deal with as a developer. It was something I lost control over finishing, because I created the game under the shell of a former company I worked on it with, and they owned the IP. So, even after the project dissolved, I couldn’t finish it for legal reasons. They wouldn’t let me, otherwise I would have. So I hope you understand that situation. To the current situation – I’ve worked in parts on some games since then. A couple of examples are here where I was the 3D artist – http://thecalmbeforegame.com/ and this, where I was the UI artist – http://invisiblecollective.org/ – you could even say I was somewhat successful with the most recent one, since it’s now being signed by Rooster Teeth, and was distributed by Humble Bundle. I’ve surely never made a game that got popular, but if that’s what you’re measuring the idea of what it is to be a developer on, then I suggest reevaluating that. So, it’s more of a misnomer to say I haven’t finished a game. You’re right to some degree. I’ve never finished one on my own. And that’s what this movie is about. It’s about overcoming failure, and less about rags to riches, romanticizing how great indie dev is, etc. But to shun me as a developer because I haven’t finished a game on my own is a bit over-judgmental, wouldn’t you say? I’ve spent half my career trying to get a job at a AAA company, and half of it trying to finish a game on my own. Life gets in the way, in ways we never expect it too. Maybe this is a movie about that. Maybe it’s about me being just like many other indies who have yet to make a mark, and relating to them on that level. I hope you understand. Thanks for taking the time to check out the trailer and my past work.


              What an awesome reply and it’s a shame but if surviving indie had that little bit more to it like that post it would be an awesome film that provides deep insight.


              5 of the WORST GAMES made!….plus extras!

              You got that right 5 of the worse games made! It should be a law for AAA game developers to have a product standard before a game is released to the public. #qualitycontrol then this will hopefully tick boxes for game developers, like I don’t know having a finished f*cking product? As silly as it sounds, games in the list below were released by AAA game company knowing they were unfinished and broken. It’s not just good practice to make sure ever product is finished but to a standard you’re willing to put your name against, it should be a global standard.


              So let’s start this list with 5 of the worst games made!.. plus extras!

              • 5: Two Worlds
              • 4: Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties
              • 3: Big Rigs
              • 2: Raven’s Cry
              • 1: Ride To Hell Retribution

              Bonus Extras:


              Mind Jack

              Aliens: Colonial Marines

              Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

              ET the extraterrestrial, but there is a walk-through explaining how to complete the game.

              Def Jam Icon

              Nearly every Superman game! or movie based game


              Two Worlds

              two-worlds is rubbish Rant Time

              I was so hyped to get Two Worlds! I remember when Elder Scrolls Oblivion was released and the online comments was stating that two worlds will blow Oblivion out the water. There was even a comment from the developer of Two Worlds saying it was more meatier than Oblivion. But what we got were a group of clowns doing some extremely poor f*cking voice acting, the character models were broken constantly and contorting/deforming themselves when talking to NPCs, the horse controls didn’t work and when they did something else would break.

              Let’s not even start talking about enemy AI, but the worst and scariest part of the game were the eye movements. It has to be the worst in any game to date! You would talk to an NPC and all of a sudden your character’s eyes start rolling around.

              Grab the holy water and burn it with fire!

              Before I got to the second town I made it my quest to return the game for a full refund! The funny part is I wasn’t alone. This game had a 1-star rating everywhere as well as avoid comments written by gamers. People who wanted the full experience waited weeks for patches to be released, was it worth all the hype? If you have completed the game it would be great to hear from you.


              Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties

              plumbers-dont-wear-ties On Rant Time Naughty Game

              This is one of those funny movie choice games you wouldn’t believe existed. It’s like a cross between a National Lampoons movie and a soft core porn flick. What on earth was going through the director’s head during the creation of it.

              The story is so confusing it makes no sense! It goes from a topless shower scene to a job interview scene to a sexual harassment case scene! Then we have some Karate girl narrator who ends up dying by another narrator…it’s such a mess!


              Big Rigs

              Big Rigs Racing on Rant Time

              If you hate losing then this is the game for you! It seems to be impossible to lose! If you want to clear the track quicker try driving in reverse. BUT seriously a game that’s not even half way complete was released to the public. It’s a shame because now the game is just more plastic buried under ground destroying Mother Earth.


              Ravens Cry

              ravenscry GTA pirates Rant Time!

              I always wanted a GTA style pirate world, but unfortunately when this game was released it was broken with floating graphics, invisible walls and a story that’s impossible to complete.


              Ride To Hell Retribution

              ride-to-hell crap rubish Rant Time

              The finale in this list, Ride To Hell Retribution has to be the worst game ever made by far hands down! I don’t think any pride was put into this game at all as this game makes two worlds feel like a masterpiece. Can anyone remember the original trailer? It looked like an awesome 1960’s – 1970’s style motorbike gang in an open world sandbox like Grand Theft Auto.

              There wasn’t a game like it at the time so it would’ve made sense to develop it to give the gamers that true “born to be wild” feeling. So what happened?!! Because the game we got was sh*t! Nothing like the promising trailer in any way shape or form. The game featured in the trailer looked epic and it had such an impact! The artwork and visual story looked strong and best of all, people looked like people! But like I do before the final release was a pile of Sh*t! Not only was it a platformer but it was a broken platformer.

              What happened to that 1960’s open world? Because all I am say about this game is that it was a pile of sh*t with recycled skins, the same bad guys over and over and the same levels on repeat! Let’s not even discuss what happens when you save a woman! Worse pile of sh*t game ever! (I hate this game!)

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Cartoons! Cartoons, Cartoons! You’re probably asking why 30? Well because we at Rant Time go above and beyond on all our content but in reality it was because there were some awesome cartoons made during the late 80’s – 90’s to early 00’s

              Let’s wrap up this post with the 2nd part of 30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories Part 2!

              This is Part 2 the last 15, from 15 to 1 click here to see the first 15

              • 15 : Street Shark
              • 14 : Dexter’s Laboratory
              • 13 : Beetlejuice
              • 12 :  Duck Tales
              • 11 : Thundercats
              • 10 : Hey Arnold
              • 9 : Transformers
              • 8 : He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
              • 7 :  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
              • 6 : Recess
              • 5 : Doug
              • 4 : Duckman
              • 3 : The Real Ghost Busters
              • 2 : Potsworth and Company also known as the Midnight Patrol
              • 1 : Ren and Stimpy

              As we said we go above and beyond so here is a little bonus extra to add to our awesome list:

              • + Funnybones
              • + James Bond Jr
              • + Banana Man
              • + Arthur
              • + The Magic School Bus
              • + Count Duckula
              • + Goof Troop
              • + Beavis and Butt-Head
              • + Jackie Chan Adventures

              So here is the second part of 30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories Part 2!


              15 : Street Shark

              Street Shark

              Hey bro’s hows it hanging? This is some tubular information for you here, what do you bros get when you mix Human DNA and Shark DNA? Well bros, using 90’s science you get Street Sharks! Crime fighting sharks known for kicking ass and sound tubular while doing it!

              14 : Dexter’s Laboratory

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Omelette du fromage! Omelette du fromage !! Omelette du fromage!!!!! Why do I suddenly fancy a cheese omelette? Ever since I was introduced to this episode by #LiiLiiChan, it brought back so many memories of Cartoon Network. Do you remember when Cartoon Network was at its high point for having some of the best shows around? You know the Dragon Ball Z Freezer days? Dexters Laboratory was one of those awesome after school shows. I highly recommend giving it a try now.


              13 : Beetlejuice

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Unfortunately the cartoon is nothing like the movie, but it’s good fun and worth watching for the banter between Lydia and Beetlejuice. When the cartoon came out, it made me think was Beetlejuice suitable for young people? Was it a kids movie? I will leave this to our expert #LiiLiiChan to answer as she’s a massive Beetlejuice fan.

              12 : Duck Tales

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              This show was one of my childhood favorites because it had everything including adventure, humour and money! Also there was something about old school cartoons having some absolutely awesome theme songs! Unlike today’s theme songs for shows. Just look at the lyrics:

              Life is like a hurricane, here in, Duckburg
              Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, it’s a, duck-blur!
              Might solve a mystery
              Or rewrite history!

              DuckTales! Woo-oo!
              Everyday they’re out there making
              DuckTales! Woo-oo!
              Tales of daring do bad and good
              Luck Tales!

              D-d-d danger lurks behind you
              There’s a stranger out to find you
              What to do, just grab on to some…

              DuckTales! Woo-oo!
              Every day they’re out there making
              DuckTales! Woo-oo!
              Tales of daring do bad and good
              DuckTales! Woo-oo!

              Not pony tales or cotton tales, no,
              DuckTales! Woo-oo!


              11 : Thundercats

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats HOOO!

              I have to say just like Ducktales, the intro theme song for Thundercats is absolutely badass! Every time I hear it I just want to grab my guitar and play that riff. I know this show has a cult following as all the comicon’s I’ve gone to I always find someone dressed up as a Thundercat or wearing one of the old school T-shirts. Let me ask you something when you think of Thundercats, what other cartoon pops into your head? For myself it’s He-Man, these two shows go together like hot cake and ice cream but it would be great if you let me know what you think of this show. Thanks to my Mother I managed to get my hands on a load of the Thundercats action figures growing up so you can imagine I was one of the coolest kids growing up.

              10 : Hey Arnold

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Do I even have to say anything about Hey Arnold? Apart from, this show was so freaking cool. One of the most memorable episodes to date from Hey Arnold has to be the Stoop Kid! It’s about a kid that won’t step past his front door steps and Arnold helps him overcome his phobia only for the episode to end with a twist.

              “Move it Football Head!!!!!!”

              9 : Transformers

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              I have never been a fan of mechs, droids or robots, apart from Escaflowne but I had to make an exception for Transformers. Can anyone remember that scene when Optimus Prime dies? Arhhh man it was horrible, this show has had an impact on so many people so it gets a number 7 spot and the best part about the cartoon version is it doesn’t have anything to do with that stupid Michael Bay version!

              8 : He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              By the power of Grey Skull…. I have the POWER!!!!

              I bet my parents got p*ssed at me for the amount of times I must have said that saying out loud growing up! My father even painted a murial on mine and my Brothers bedroom door of He-Man with Mumm-Ra in the background oh and to throw salt on an old wound my father’s painting of Mumm-Ra scared the living sh*t out of me! I will never forget the impact that that painting had on me, as that was the spark that started me in my artistic career. Until now I never really noticed how pink He-Man was till lately I mean the dude wears PINK and rocks it harder than Cam’ron (Rapper).

              7 :  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Did anyone ever have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pizza thrower? It was like a gun that shoots discs that look’s like pizzas. Again thanks to my Mother, I had a massive collection of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle merchandise! Enough about the crap lets talk about the show: this single show was the first to introduce me to some epic polymaths or Renaissance Men.

              Let’s lay a handful Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle facts down:  

              The turtles were named after Renaissance artists/Polymaths/Renaissance Men.

              Leonardo = Leonardo Da Vinci

              Leonardo da Vinci is probably the most famously remembered Renaissance artist, famous for his masterworks The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

              Michelangelo = Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

              We should all know about the statue of me I mean David Michelangelo was another Renaissance Man like Da Vinci and followed in similar steps.

              Raphael = Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino

              The ultimate ladies man and of course painter that changed the way portraits depicted backgrounds.

              Donatello = Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi

              Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi worked mainly as a sculptor, inventor. This is why Donatello is the tech turtle that’s always making and inventing something.


              Can you imagine if they made a turtle on Caravaggio! he would be a gangster!


              Head Band colours:

              Leonardo = Blue

              Michelangelo = Orange

              Raphael = Red

              Donatello = Purple

              The turtles were trained to KILL, yes originally the turtles were trained by Master Splinter to kill the Shredder.

              The Turtles use a fighting style called Ninjutsu (So take that Naruto ya B*tch!)

              The turtles love pizza.

              and last of all Megan Fox played a sh*t April O’Neil. What is with Michael Bay and this woman seriously if you know please leave a comment below? Because I can see him ruining all our childhood shows. Transformers (Ruined), TMNT (Ruined), next Thundercats and He-man (Reboot) WTF COME ON!


              6 : Recess

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Recess! Disney made a solid show with this! It had every type of kid including the geeky kid, the nerd, the athlete, the bully, the slow fat kid and the mastermind.

              Everyone I know has a Recess character they really liked and bond with. My favorite character from the show is Spinelli, she’s a bad ass, and a girl that you wouldn’t mess with. Oh and how can I forget King Bob! Like I said this show has everything.

              So who was your favorite Recess character?

              • T.J. Detweiler
              • Ashley Spinelli
              • Vince LaSalle
              • Gretchen Grundler
              • Mikey Blumberg
              • Gus Griswald

              5 : Doug

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Doug Funny! This is one of those shows you either liked or disliked from the start, it was never fast paced or action based but it had good stories that kept people engaged. So regardless of if you liked it or not. One thing is for sure everyone that watched it became a scattman afterwards. Personally, I loved this show until the art style changed and it just didn’t feel the same anymore, the new art style just felt cheap and tacky even Roger, Pork-Chop and Skeeter didn’t look or act the same! It was a total flop of something that didn’t need to change. So this number 5 spot goes to the original Doug because you know Pattttty Maaayonnaiseee.


              4 : Duck Man

              Duck Man

              Duck Man was a cartoon not for kids! This show was what Family Guy and American Dad is today, over the top adult humour with a deep dark twist.

              If you’re a fan of adult humour then this is a show for you!

              3 : The Real GhostBusters

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? He-Man, He-Man, He-Man GhostBusters

              The original movie set the bar for ghost hunting and let’s face it no movie to date has done it as good as the ORIGINAL Ghostbusters.

              So how good was the cartoon version The Real Ghostbusters? it had everything the movie had but with a bit more of a comedy atmosphere. All the characters were on point and made this show so like-able. I’m sure Harold Ramis was more than over joyed with this spin off of the original movie.

              2 : Potsworth and Company also known as the Midnight Patrol

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              This is probably one of the first horror cartoons that was shown on TV that wasn’t about ghosts and monster. I can’t believe that not many people have watched or heard of Potsworth and Company (UK title), if you watched this let me know what you think of it in the comments below. This was one of my favorite shows I always loved the idea of a dream world and what could be on that level.

              1 : Ren and Stimpy

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 2

              Our number one spot goes to the best of the best, the crème de la crème the one, the only Ren and Stimpy!

              OMG this show had fu*king everything you could have asked for a very, VERY angry chihuahua named Ren and a red dumb cat named Stimpy and between them, they got up to some crazy unimaginable sh*t! This is how crazy the show became, that it got banned when both aminals beat the crap out of one of their owners. The over-exaggerated art style made Ren and Stimpy stand out to every other cartoon on TV at the time. If you haven’t watched this then you have definitely missed out! So I and I’m sure many of you reading this would recommend this show to every person that hasn’t watched it.


              Why aren’t Anime style cartoons on this list like Pokemon, Digimon, Bay Blades, Escaflowne and of course Dragon Ballz

              Because they were viewed on a global scale! Let’s face it, we will never forget who Goku is. So I tried to only list shows that would bring back childhood memories of forgotten cartoons.

              30 Cartoons that will bring back Childhood Memories part 1

              You’re probably asking why 30? Well because we at Rant Time go above and beyond on all our content, but in reality it was because there was some awesome cartoons made during the late 80’s – 90’s to early 00’s that we had to share with the world.

              So lets get this list started, here is 30 Cartoons that will bring back Childhood Memories Part 1

              This is Part 1, the first 15 showing numbers 30 to 16!

              • 30 : Rugrats
              • 29 : As Told By Ginger
              • 28 : She-Ra
              • 27 : Johnny Bravo
              • 26 : Pepper Ann
              • 25 : ReBoot
              • 24 : The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
              • 23 : The Tick
              • 22 : Darkwing Duck
              • 21 : Animaniacs
              • 20 : The Addams Family
              • 19 : Inspector Gadget
              • 18 : Captain Planet
              • 17 : Rocko’s Modern Life
              • 16 : Biker Mice From Mars
              • 15 : Street Shark
              • 14 : Dexter’s Laboratory
              • 13 : Beetlejuice
              • 12 : Duck Tales
              • 11 : Thundercats
              • 10 : Hey Arnold
              • 9 : Transformers
              • 8 : He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
              • 7 : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
              • 6 : Recess
              • 5 : Doug
              • 4 : Duckman
              • 3 : The Real Ghost Busters
              • 2 : Potsworth and Company also known as the Midnight Patrol
              • 1 : Ren and Stimpy


              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories breakdown:

              30 : Rugrats

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Rugrats has to be one of the most well known cartoons of its age spanning over 172 episodes. We have seen these babies through everything during 1991 – 2004.

              29 : As Told By Ginger

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              As Told By Ginger is a coming of age story following the life of Ginger Foutley during her time in school, she gets to learn who she is and who her friends are.

              28 : She-Ra

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Superman had Wonder Woman, Batman had Catwoman and He-Man has his twin sister She-Ra! The awesome Princess of Power.

              27 : Johnny Bravo

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time“Wanna see me comb my hair, really fast?” Johnny Bravo has to be one of the funnest characters made, with his awesome pickup lines that never gets him the honeys.

              “You look pretty…I look pretty…why don’t we go home and stare at each other?”

              26 : Pepper Ann

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              You might remember Pepper Ann which was aired from 1997 until it’s finale on 18th November 2000. The finale had Pepper Ann and school team open a time capsule they placed 15 years prior. A touching and heart warming episode.

              25 : ReBoot

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Not many people remember ReBoot, it is one of the first 3D animated tv shows with a deep story based around a main frame. One thing I remember about this show is that it doesn’t end happily.

              24 : The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Galaxy Rangers was one of those tv cartoon series that had robotic horses, bionic body parts, guns, oh and cowboys! If there is trouble in the Galaxy, the Rangers will be there to sort it.

              23 : The Tick

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Do you want to be a super hero? why not let The Tick teach you how. This comedy cartoon shows a different side to the world of super heroes.

              22 : Darkwing Duck

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Darkwing Duck!
              When there’s trouble you call D W
              Darkwing Duck! Let’s get dangerous
              Darkwing Duck!

              Some might remember this caped crusader, but the majority of people I have spoken to can’t seem to remember it. Lets just say it was a good batman spin off.

              21 : Animaniacs

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              With each episode being just as hyped and crazy as the last, Animaniacs delivers different stories on crazy antics.

              20 : The Addams Family

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Yes the dark and twisted movie by Tim Burton also had a cartoon with just as much Adam Family madness.

              19 : Inspector Gadget

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              We follow the life of John Brown, who after a slip became Inspector Gadget. A name that suits him well as when he woke up he had over 13,000 crime fighting tools connected to his body. I bet you didn’t know this fact: in the entire shows length, Inspector Gadget never once caught Dr Claw, the main villain who’s main quote in every episode was “I’ll get you next time, Gadget. Next time!”.

              18 : Captain Planet

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Was this an educational environmentalism show? Do you think you learnt anything from it? Did you go green after watching it? Captain Planet is like the ultimate cartoon on how to look after Mother Earth, but what a shame people in today’s world haven’t learnt anything from it #saveStandingRock. A time we need Captain Planet the most.


              17 : Rocko’s Modern Life

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              From the world down under, brings a stressed out kangaroo with anxiety who comes from a wolf family and has a cow and a turtle for best friends.

              16 : Biker Mice From Mars

              30 Cartoons that will bring back childhood memories part 1 on Rant Time

              Just like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we also had Biker Mice from Mars, who are alien mice crime fighters on epic motorbikes that can ride up and along buildings!


              I hope you liked the first 15 cartoons and hopefully they would of brought back some childhood memories. If you think we have missed any or the list order is wrong why not let us know in the comments below. Want to see the last 15 click here to go directly to it.

              Are you a fan of Sword Art Online?

              I recently took the time to rewatch Sword Art Online and you know what… It was just as good as the first time I watched it.

              Yep… I rewatched Sword Art Online for a second time.

              sword art online group

              For those of you that haven’t watched this awesome anime, let me ask you a question are you into fantasy based role playing games with intense action and a good storyline? If yes, then Sword Art Online is a must watch. For myself, it brought back so many old memories where I would spend hours playing Guild Wars trying to solo the Underworld and FoW with a 55HP monk, Warrior Zerg and others builds.

              Yes I was a solo player! This was the same in Wow and other MMOrpg’s.

              Sword art online over powered

              Just in case I spoil the show for someone I’ll place my disclaimer here: this post may/will contain spoilers, it definitely will.

              So back to Sword Art Online, we follow the main protagonist Kazuto Kirigaya also known as Kitiro from his gamer tag (this is also the name we would be using throughout this article). Kitiro was chosen to be apart of a 1,000 person beta test of the virtual reality world of Sword Art Online ALO before its initial release. This is where he got the advantage to hone his skills and learn the layout of the land a little more than the newer players.

              Upon its general release to the public, Kitiro and over 10,000 other online gamers logged in, only to find out they couldn’t log out. They was stuck in a virtual world to leave at this point meant death.

              We find this out when every online gamer is ported to the same location, the death rule is then explained by the creator of the game directly to every character.

              But what really made the game world really unsettling was this if you died in the game you died in real life regardless of the death. One slip, one poorly timed attack and its curtains. There was no continues, no phoenix down and no save points. There was just one goal for people to achieve and that is to beat the game or to live by surviving long enough for someone else to.

              Unlike the beta testing periods where bosses were easier to handle, the final release amped the enemy AI making it close to impossible to survive in this world without a sound plan of action or a strong team. for example: The first level boss had a different attack pattern compared to the beta release, which meant even for the beta testers this boss fight was something new.

              While watching the show, you start to see the character development of a small party forming and throughout the show you will find characters you like, bond with and in turn relate to, but for the majority of the time this is short lived. While the show is good, it also has its bad points. See below “Issues I found with Sword Art Online” 

              Jumping close to the end of the show we find our protagonist Kitiro face to face with the antagonist Heathcliff who’s true identity is Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online a GM (Game Master), but while Kitiro is about to die his human will pushes his spirit far beyond death, giving him the opportunity to land the final blow to Heathcliff and there for completing the game.

              Akihiko Kayaba Sword Art Online


              Issues I found with Sword Art Online:

              Now this is a big one for me. Asuna, one of the lead female characters from the beginning who has awesome fighting abilities to match and who could probably match Kitiro or at least put him in his place. Throughout the show she starts to become a scared woman that hid (kinda) behind Kitiro to become his love interest. It seems so easy to forget when watching the show that she was a leader of a large guild planning to complete the game.

              Asura Sword art online awesome fighter


              The death of Diavel! In the anime Kitiro is leaning over Diavel holding a health potion, but for some strange reason Diavel isn’t using it! It’s a bit of a WTF! moment as Diavel seems to be an awesome character focused on saving everyone so when you see him dying you start shouting at the screen “F*CKING DRINK THE DAMN POTION!”


              Why is there so many side quests in the anime?


              Guys, I hope you liked this blog post if you’re a fan of SAO please let me know your view in the comments below.


              Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 2

              Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the first 20-11 horror games to play on Halloween in Part 1. Let’s continue with Part 2 of our Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, with the last 10 awesome and must play games!

              So here is Rant Time’s Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 2

              Halloween horror games part 2 on Rant Time

              Click here for part 1

              • 10: Clock Tower
              • 9: Project Zero / Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly
              • 8: Oxenfree
              • 7: Resident Evil
              • 6: Until Dawn
              • 5: The Lost Crown
              • 4: Corpse Party
              • 3: Layers of Fear
              • 2: Silent Hill
              • 1: Alan Wake


              Breakdown of Rant Time’s Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 2

              10: Clock Tower PS1

              Clock Tower On Rant Time

              This short review is based on the Play Station one title of Clock Tower as the newer versions of this game don’t have the same feeling as the original’s created for Super Nintendo (Snes) and Play Station One (PS1). As they seem a little to anime related or like a completely different game altogether (Haunting Ground). So this top 10 spot goes to the 1996 version of Clock Tower for the PS 1.

              I love this game for its random events, there isn’t a game quite like it. The only game that pops to mind, that has similar features is Resident Evil Nemesis, but even Nemesis doesn’t come close to Clock Tower’s panic moments. Clock Tower is still worth playing today and I highly recommend giving it a go. If you were a kid growing up in the 80’s then chances are you might have heard of this game and have some fond memories of it today.

              What made this game so special?

              This is an easy question to answer. FEAR! With this being a point and click survival horror game, it means that you had to learn your surroundings, when you enter a room you had to take notice of items that could help protect you, hide you and give you a fighting chance from an unbeatable foe.

              Clock Tower !!Spoilers!!

              Some pain in the ass moments :

              Collecting items in the wrong order or not having an item to advance the story.

              Falling into traps

              From the very first moment you meet Scissor Man (The Serial Killer) your instincts tell you to run, hide and get help! That’s what makes this game so awesome. In fact hiding in a room is not always the smart choice as Scissor Man’s AI means he can appear randomly and always at the times you feel safest.

              9: Project Zero // Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly

              Fatal Frame Project Zero on Rant Time

              Fatal Frame was an awesome addition to the horror gaming world. It brought with it, new game mechanics still being use in modern gaming and if you’re into Japanese cult horror then Fatal Frame is a must, it also goes under the name of Project Zero across Europe.

              I highly recommend playing Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly. Out of all the Project Zero’s and Fatal Frame’s games, for me personally Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly seems to have the best story.

              8: Oxenfree

              The awesome Oxenfree on RantTime

              A coming of age story like no other, this seriously awesome adventure features a group of teens getting to know each other’s past, present and future. Working out differences and saying goodbye to loved ones. The group spend their final few days together before leaving for college/university. The game is based on making choices that build and effect relationships with your friends and family. The choices you make in the game can upset your friends, while this is part of the game mechanic I always try to be the good guy on the first play through then the A**hole the second play through.

              Don’t rush through this game, enjoy every bit of it as its a very short game but wow is it worth playing on an emotional and heart warming way which is really odd for a horrorish game…

              So what makes this scare? The paranormal in this is hard to explain all I can say is this game is worth playing.

              Oxenfree !!Spoilers!!

              Is there enough to do in the game? No! I kinda wish there was a few hidden places, unsolved mysteries just something else to keep me playing.

              Passing through stages can be slow and worse of all if you click on something while someone is talking or about to… Then expect the conversation to end! and trust me its a pain in the ass when that happens expect it to happen a lot!

              There is no running! so expect to walk every where!

              and finally the map is a pain in the ass to read

              7: Resident Evil

              Resident Evil on Rant Time

              If anyone remembers when this game was released on the original Play Station in the mid 90’s (1996). It also obtained a title of being the scariest game ever made and it wasn’t far wrong. This game lived up to that title with only a few hard core gamers completing it in that era. We have had horror games prior to this title but nothing to this level of this survival horror which was a survival horror.

              Nostalgia: Am I the only one that remembers the title screen saying Resident Evil in a creepy but very cool way? also theBarry Burton quote below.

              Barry Burton: What is this?

              Jill Valentine: What is it?

              Barry Burton: Blood! Jill, see if you can find any other clues. I’ll be examining this… Hope this is not… Chris blood…

              Resident Evil !!Spoilers!!

              What made this survival horror awesome?

              • The extremely detailed Umbrella storyline that is still continued to this day
              • Being locked in a mansion and attacked by zombies and other messed up experiments (Spiders, Hunters, Dogs, Bee’s, a snake and the freaking Tyrant!)
              • Getting to play as two characters with slightly different stories! (This was an amazing feature that not only gave you value for money your moneys worth in content but made it feel like you had 2 games for the price of one!)

              Resident Evil’s Umbrella corporation offers its players a very detailed story spanning over all the games and diving deep into the experimentation of the T virus, the fall of Raccoon City and the global out break to come.

              Thou the game has changed from an awesome third person survival horror to semi first person steroid holding gun slinger. What does hold true to its fans is the continuation of Umbrellas hold on the world.

              But for me personally this franchise lost me after code veronica with the semi first person shooters.

              I’m not saying they are not good games because they are, but I am saying I didn’t get that same survival feeling I got from all the others. (Main thing I hated was the character taking up a third of the freaking screen!)

              Are you a RE fan? what do you think of the previous titles ? and are you looking forward to RE 7 Biohazard?

              6: Until Dawn

              Naughty Until Dawn moment on Rant Time

              Do you like horror movies? Now imagine controlling one, Until Dawn gives you the ability to control who lives and who dies in this horror based game. Working along the premise of using the butterfly effect that is based on the choices you make early on for your characters which effects the outcome of the game and the outcome of the characters lives.

              We with its mix up of characters there are some we find lovable, creepy and damn right rude. Its a shame we can’t axe a few of them out straight away.

              Did you ever play Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy on the Play Station 2?

              5: The Lost Crown

              The lost crown on RantTime

              Not many people know about this little gem of a game.  Why does the lost crown get the number 5 spot ? Well imagine taking an adventure game implementing a treasure hunt oh and combing it with a ghost story! what you get is a black and white ghost hunting adventure in Englands Saxton called The Lost Crown. What you also get is the super well spoken Mr Denver!

              From the beginning your greeted by the trains station, Station’s master who for some reason seems to know your name as you progress through the game a little everyone else you encounter also knows your name in return sets the game for a spooky adventure.

              4: Corpse Party 

              corpse party on ranttime

              Did pixel based games ever go out of fashion? This awesome pixel based horror games focuses on a group of school kids, that create a packed to remain friends at Heavenly Host Elementary but something goes horribly wrong.

              Corpse Party has a few extra titles worth playing like the original from 1998 on PC, Corpse Party Blood Covered for PC and PSP and finally Corpse Party Book of Shadows.

              To add to this list there is also a few anime’s of Corpse Party such as :

              • Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
              • Corpse Party: Missing Footage
              • Corpse Party: Blood Covered
              • Corpse Party: Musume
              • Corpse Party: Another Child
              • Corpse Party Cemetery 0: Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi
              • Corpse Party: Sachiko no Renai Yuugi♥ – Hysteric Birthday 2U

              Awwww the screams!

              What is with Japanese horror games always having a sad endings! Seriously JAPAN, it would be nice to play a Japanese horror game that has a nice happy ending! but I suppose it adds to the creepiness.

              3: Layers of Fear

              Layers of fear on RantTime

              I have tried my best to avoid first person games in this list, but this game is a must! If your an artist… no let me reword this. If you want to know what its like as an artist to find inspiration from a dark place this game is a must.

              Now let me ask you have you ever had that feeling there is a person in your room when the light go out What about the feeling of someone looking at you through an a jared door.

              2: Silent Hill 2

              Silent Hill 2
              Laura: Did you confuse me for someone else?

              What can I say about the Silent Hill franchise apart from it was a struggle to not put these games as number 1. Every Silent Hill game has its own memorable moments but my personal favourite was Silent Hill 2 as it has some awesome sound tracks, new creatures and a WTF is happening ending.

              If you want nightmares I highly recommend Silent Hill 2.

              1: Alan Wake 2012

              Alan Wake! on Rant Time
              I am AWAKE

              This has to be hands down one of the best horror adventure games made. The locations are befitting to a Stephen King book and even the opening Stephen King quote has left its mark on everyone that has played Alan Wake.

              “Stephen King once wrote, “Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear.” In a horror story, the victim keeps asking why – but there can be no explanation, and there shouldn’t be one. The unanswered mystery is what stays with us the longest, and it’s what we’ll remember in the end.”
              ― Alan Wake

              From the beginning I was captivated by the stunning landscapes, the attention to detail and the fantastic story telling that makes this game epic!.

              Alan Wake !!Spoilers!!

              Creativity brings forth the Darkness

              Basic on the story:

              Thomas Zane a writer, lost his wife Barbra Jagger who drowned in Cauldron Lake.

              Or did she, was it that the darkness needed a vessel and used Barbra for this purpose?

              Thomas knowing the lake had power tried to bring his wife back to life using the darkness from the lake but what come back wasn’t his wife.

              Thomas than tried to kill his wife by cutting her heart out and getting rid of the darkness.

              How far back does the Darkness go? No one knows, we know the lake was used by the Native Americans for many years.

              Skip a few years later and what we have is a new writer that is trying to get away from all the troubles and problems from the big city. This is the start of Alan Wake…

              If your a fan of some old school TV shows such as Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, X Files and The Outer Limits then I highly recommend this game to you.

              From the moment you enter Bright Falls you feel like your in one of them small movie towns that you would find in a Stephen King movie and like most small towns they have there deep dark secrets.

              Twilight Zone I mean Night Springs is awesome in game tv show.

              Bonus Retro Picks

              Ghouls and Ghosts 1988

              Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

              A Nightmare on Elm Street (video game)

              Friday the 13th (NES/Nintendo)


              Games that didn’t make the list

              • Outlast
              • Sanctity
              • Legacy of Kain
              • Fear
              • Agony
              • Fear within
              • Darkness

              Remember guys, if you think I’ve missed a game or you would change the order, let me know what your list would be in the comments below.


              Click here to read Part 1 of Halloween Horror games 

              Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 1

              October 31st, All Hallows Eve (Halloween)

              So it’s that scary time of year again. You know what time I’m talking about, when it gets dark really early.  The clocks go back so you get that extra hours sleep, oh and when them bloody little gremlins keep knocking your door all day long trick or bloody treating for something their parents should be paying for.

              Yep, you guessed it, it’s Christmas!!! I mean Halloween! So for this holiday season’s list to work, I’ve put together 20 of the scariest horror games based on creepy stories to give you a fright.

              If like me you want to make the most of the creepy festival then why not lock your self in a room, switch off the lights and play one of the games below.

              Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 1
              Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 1

              So here is Rant Time’s Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants (part 1)

              • 20: Rules of Rose
              • 19: DreadOut
              • 18: Lucius
              • 17: Lone Survivor
              • 16: Yomawari Night Alone
              • 15: Home
              • 14: Never Ending Nightmares
              • 13: Parasite Eve
              • 12: Gone Home
              • 11: Year Walk

              Halloween Horror Games Breakdown!

              Let’s start this list with some awesome horror games! Please note just because they are in (Rant Time) order, doesn’t mean any of them are crap and not worth playing. All games in this list have been selected because they have made a social impact on the people that have played them and will continue to do so. So please browse the list and let me know what games I’ve missed or what order your top 20’s would be.

              Continue reading “Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 1”

              Top 10 Ultimate Weapons in Games

              Ultimate Weapons!

              With a title like that we need to talk about… Weapons of mass destruction! Wahahahaha! That was a joke…..well another future post to come but for now the joke’s over so let’s talk about the real topic Rant Times “Top 10 Ultimate Weapons in games”

              Games, since we could remember have created some amazing weapons, only to hide them within the world for the player to find them. But not every player finds them and not every player knows about them.

              The Rules:

              • For this to work it can only be one game title, so if it’s a sequel of games they all go under one title.
              • The weapons have to be something a player unlocks by completing a very crazy, hard to do/almost impossible task.
              • It has to be a weapon NOT armour
              • It has to be a character’s weapon and not a planet/star destroyer, summoning, magic power or any other non physical weapon.


              With all this said, let’s get this top 10 Ultimate Weapons in Games started!

              • 10: Oblivion – The Umbra Sword
              • 9: Golden Eye – The Golden Gun!
              • 8: Dead Space 2 – Hand Cannon
              • 7: Dead Rising Mega Man Blaster
              • 6: Assassin’s Creed Eagle of Sugar sword
              • 5: Dying Light – Excalibur and Angel Sword
              • 4: Resident Evil (Rocket Launcher)
              • 3: Metal Gear Solid – Patriot
              • 2: Guild Wars (1&2) Legendary weapons
              • 1: Final Fantasy (JRPG FF 7-10)


              Breakdown of the Weapons

              10: Oblivion – The Umbra Sword

              oblivion umbra sword

              If you’re a fan of Skyrim, then you’ll more than likely know about The Elder Scrolls stories like Morrowwind and Oblivion, but how many of you knew that in the games you could obtain an epic legendary weapon that was forged by a witch and is said to consume the player. This is an easy sword to find using Wiki, but why this game gets the 10 spot? Find the sword without Wiki!


              9: Golden Eye – The Golden Gun!

              James bonds Golden Gun

              When it comes to an ultimate weapon, I think everyone knows about the Golden Gun from James Bond’s Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64. When playing multiplayer, whoever has the 1 shot kill golden gun finds themselves chasing players around as all it takes it 1 shot and you win!


              8: Dead Space 2 – Hand Cannon

              Dead Space 2 the hand canon

              Just like another game in this list, when you complete Dead Space 2 on hardcore mode within a time and save limit, you get the weirdly over powered Hand Cannon. Imagine a number 1 fan finger with the power to destroy everything in its way?! Oh it also says Bang and puuh!


              7: Dead Rising Mega Man Blaster

              54,000 zombies later we have the megaman blaster dead rising
              54,000 zombies later we have the Mega Man blaster dead rising

              We all love zombie killing, but imagine having to kill 54,000 zombies and completing the game to obtain the Mega Blaster! Only issue I had with this was after killing 54,000 zombies I got bored of the game when I got the Mega Blaster.


              6: Assassin’s Creed –  Eagle of Sugar


              Assassin’s Creed is full of mystery hidden locations and view points. By working out and following a set of 6 riddles to find locations of symbols, you can scan them with your sense ability to unlock the location of the Eagle of Sugar sword!.

              In Assassin’s Creed’s previous games, you have the chance to find treasure maps that lead to finding Altair’s sword and amour sets as well as a wide range of other characters in the genre.


              5: Dying Light – Expcalibur and Angel Sword

              Lady of the lake, Excalibur

              Dying Light is a fast paced zombie apocalypse, par cure, free roaming first person game. So you would need a weapon strong enough to slay every zombie in your way! The Angel Sword not only cuts zombies and bandits in half but also electrocutes them and burns them! Meanwhile the Expcalibur has the ability to instantly kill zombies while knocking them far away from you.


              4: Resident Evil – Rocket Launcher

              Resident Evil Jill Valentines unlimited rocket launcher

              When IMHO Resident Evil WAS a great game focusing on being a survival horror genre. Let’s talk about the one item we all wanted and tried to get by spending so many hours and wearing the reset button out. We all went to so much trouble to obtain the unlimited-ammo Rocket Launcher, a secret unlockable weapon given to you after completing Resident Evil in under three hours.


              3: Metal Gear Solid – Patriot

              Metal gear solid snake eater the partiot gun

              Raise your hand if you have never heard of Metal Gear Solid….If you raised your hand, please leave the room as you have failed your gaming licence! For us die hard Metal Gear Solid fans, it was a treat and a shock when we couldn’t unlock the bandana in Snake Eater or my favourite the Stealth Cloak. But what we did get was a bad ass machine gun with unlimited ammo called The Patriot.


              2: Guild Wars (1 & 2)

              guildwars-legendary weapons

              If you’re a fan of MMO’s then Guild Wars should be on your list, next to World of Warcraft. What gets Guild Wars second place is trying to obtain a Legendary weapon! This should be number 1 spot for what it takes to get a Legendary but everyone hates grinding, especially grinding this hard!

              1: Final Fantasy (JRPG FF 7-10)

              Final Fantasy

              When it comes to obtaining ultimate weapons, Final Fantasy sets the bar high on how to get the best of the best from hidden dungeons to boss fights to chocobo racing. Each character in the game has an Ultimate Weapon so if you think one weapon is hard to get try and get it for your entire party.

              Final Fantasy memorable weapons

              • Squall’s the Lion Heart gun blade
              • Tidus’s Celestial Weapon the Caladbolg
              • Clouds Ultima weapon
              • Red XIII Limited Moon
              • and so fourth……


              So you read our “Top 10 Ultimate Weapons in games on Rant Time, now using the rules. What would your top 10 be?


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              So it’s official Red Dead Redemption 2 will be here fall 2017

              Red Dead Redemption 2

              So it’s official (R*) Rockstar have announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 should be here fall 2017! Rockstar have released a trailer, well more of a continued teaser to add to the original image that was posted on Rockstars twitter feed. (Original Rockstar Post)

              Red Dead Redemption 2 Story?

              The trailer does really well at not giving away too much information on story or plots.

              “Listen to me, when the time comes you got to run and don’t look back”


              These being the only words spoken in the trailer and the only words that give a small story. So what does this mean? Are we going to take on the role of another outlaw. Would we be committing crimes and rampaging across the wild west or would the story be more based on survival, run, hide away and don’t look back as the trailer said.

              Still being teased by Rockstar! (R*) with Red Dead Redemption 2 - Rant Time
              Still being teased by Rockstar! (R*) with Red Dead Redemption 2 – Rant Time

              The open world

              The first thing you will notice about the trailer is the amazing visual results the landscapes look stunning. you can see vast open world mapping, wildlife and what looks like town shops or markets.

              Let’s just hope we don’t have to grind animal furs again to advance our amour and weaponry.

              The biggest question of them all is, what does this mean for us PC gamers?

              The official Red Dead Redemption 2 YouTube video description states: for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One there is no mention of PC or additional platforms.

              Wait so what does this mean for us PC gamers? Before I try to answer this question.

              Sit back

              Grab a handful of member berries and let me take you back to a time when GTA 5 wasn’t on PC.

              Yes you read that correctly GTA 5 wasn’t on PC when the game first launched. There was a giant partition being signed by gamers around the world to show proof to (R*) Rockstar that we PC gamers want this game. (Personally I think it was to show proof that we would purchase the game rather than bootleg it.) Over a year later from its original launch the EPIC PC version was released in all its 60+ gigabytes of glory.

              Because of past release of GTA5, I believe Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released for PC but don’t expect it to come out on its official release.


              Did Rockstar Games just tease us with Red Dead Redemption 2?

              Did Rockstar just tease every red dead redemption fan with this image? @arhhhranttime ranttime.co.uk
              Did Rockstar Games just tease every Red Dead Redemption fan with this image?

              If you’re on Twitter like me, I bet you follow the awesome R* aka Rockstar @RockstarGames the official home of Rockstar Games on Twitter. Wait….rewind! For those who are new to the gaming/console gaming world, Rockstar Games are publishers of popular games such as Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Bully & more. Now let’s fast forward and press play…..

              If you’re a huge fan of Rockstar Games then you might have noticed a post that has stormed the gaming world! A very simple image that is liked by many and retweeted by the thousands. But why? What makes this image so special? it is just a simple red background with a silhouette of seven people blacked out.


              Spaghetti Western by Rockstar

              Could this be… no, no it couldn’t… John Marston died at the end… But his son… No I’m jumping to too many variables. What about Red Dead Revolver? That was a prequel right? could this be a pre prequel? Wait a minute… what about the western version of Seven Samurai, the Magnificent Seven?

              No, no and no let’s just wait for more information from Rockstar, before rumours start escalating on what the game could be.

              While excited and impulsive I visited the Rockstar website only to get hit with the same image as the splash screen, but could this be what we have all been waiting for? Could this be a part two, the long awaited Red Dead Redemption sequel?

              [quads id=”1″]

              Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption

              Like many gamers out there that fondly remember Red Dead Redemption on the PS3 and Xbox 360 who kept expecting a part two, but it was never delivered, this could be that moment or could it?

              Why was this game never ported for PC?

              Basic story John Marston, a former outlaw whose wife and son are taken hostage by the government in ransom for his services as a hired gun. Having no other choice, Marston sets out to bring the three members of his former gang to justice. (wiki)

              Personal Speculation

              Would John Marston be in the next game?

              I personally doubt it as he died at the end of Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar are known for bringing something new and different to the table, for example Carl Johnson from GTA San Andreas, Nico Bellic from GTA 4 and the epic Trevor Philips from GTA 5 was a completely different spin.

              Would it follow on the same story line?

              Again, judging from what Rockstar have done in the past, I think this would be a completely new games story but set in the same world.

              PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift best tech?

              PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift, damn I’m starting to feel old… Hasn’t technology changed in the gaming world in the last 30 years?!! From single vector graphics, 8 bit, 32 bit too virtual reality headsets of 2016. We seem to be one step closer to physically being a part of the matrix. Right now, big organisations are investing large sums of money into getting VR technology done right, so here are a few VR products to look out for: Microsoft’s Hololens or Hologram, HTC vive, Google Glass as well as another two I have mentioned below.

              There are two devices in the gaming world that are trending and found a home with gamers and I bet you can guess what two devices I’m talking about are.

              The PlayStation VR headset (currently priced at £350)

              Products from Amazon.co.uk

                What you get in the box:

                • PlayStation VR headset
                • Processor unit
                • Stereo earbuds
                • HDMI cable
                • USB cable
                • AC adaptor and power cord
                • PS VR headset connection adaptor

                What you need:

                • PlayStation®Camera, sold separately, is required for PlayStation®VR.
                • PlayStation®Move, sold separately, is supported by some PlayStation®VR software.
                • All titles are compatible with the DUAL SHOCK 4, included with every PlayStation 4.

                One thing I hate when it comes to purchasing tech, is not getting everything in the box!!!! I don’t want to buy an item only to have to buy extra parts to make it work!! Unfortunately, the PlayStation VR has this issue.


                Oculus Rift + touch  (currently priced at £550)

                Products from Amazon.co.uk

                  In the box:

                  • Full virtual reality experience at home
                  • Includes everything you need to run VR on your PC
                  • Includes headset / sensor / remote / Xbox One wireless controller
                  • Integrated VR sound system
                  • More bug fixes and patches out for it

                  What you need:

                  • A powerful PC


                  PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift best tech?

                  Best Value For Money

                  PlayStation seems to have beaten the Oculus on price by £200.00 but if you haven’t purchased a PlayStation camera expect to fork out another £70.00.

                  Visual Quality

                  play station vr

                  PlayStation VR features:

                  • A total screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.
                  • OLED display split to deliver a resolution of 960 x 1080 per eye.
                  • 100° degree field of view
                  • Max refresh rate 90-120 htz
                  • Requires a PS4 to run on
                  • Built in tracking sensor


                  • Requires a PlayStation 4
                  • Requires a PlayStation Camera



                  Rant Times Oculus Rift

                  Oculus Rift

                  • Screen resolution of 2160 x 1200 over two
                  • OLED displays split to 1080 x 1200 per eye
                  • Built-in Tracking sensor
                  • 110° degree view
                  • Comes with an Xbox One controller


                  • Requires 8GB ram
                  • An i5 processor
                  • Nvidia GTX 970 or above


                  Let’s start this by saying

                  When it comes to technology and gaming, both VR headsets have shown some amazing results. Emerging one’s self into the game to get the full user experience has raised the bar to new levels.

                  Selecting the best unit is difficult to say as they both have pros and cons. If you’re a console gamer and you prefer the console over a PC gaming rig than the PlayStation VR is for you. It’s more cost effective and designed to run with a Play Station 4.

                  The Oculus Rift, on the other hand, has a better spec but requires a powerful PC and is more open to homebrew gaming and development.

                  Also on a personal level, all the headsets at this current time look very bulky, with velcro straps all over the place. I can only assume when future versions come out they would start to look a lot lighter and more modernised as currently, they look like something from the 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie.

                  1995 Ghost In The Shell


                  Why Have You Not Added The HTC Vive?

                  This is an easy question to answer apart from it being an expensive £750 as of current, it requires a little more than the other two to get the full VR experience such as: one needing room space to move around an open space of 15 ft x 15 ft, a computer with a minimum spec of Nvidia GTX 970, Intel i5 Processor and 4GB ram ddr3, having to mount base stations around your room to monitor movement.

                  HTC Vive

                  • Full virtual reality experience at home
                  • NON BUILT IN TRACKING SENSOR
                  • Includes everything you need to run VR on your PC
                  • 32 headset sensors for 360° motion tracking
                  • 110° field of view for captivating immersion

                  Top 10 Anime Horror Movies from the 1980’s to 1990’s

                  Hey Everyone! Welcome to another Top 10 Anime List! This time… prepare to have the sh*t scared out of you with RantTime’s top 10 Anime Horror list taking us from the 1980’s to the 1990’s. Whahaha!!!!!!


                  In today’s world, a majority of people are starting to get into anime movies or tv shows, but how many of you like horror anime movies? Not just horror Anime but old school horror anime! As most of you who know me, know I love the very old school 1980’s Manga and Anime.

                  Growing up, the sci-fi channel was a God send for Saturday nights. Even though some of the anime movies were a bit risqué for a 10-14-year-old to watch, they opened up a new world to me that I didn’t know existed in animation and my love for them grew from there.


                  This is Rant Time’s top 10 Anime Horrors from the 1980’s to the 1990’s!


                  • 10: GoShogun Time Etranger – 1985
                  • 9: Dark Myth – 1990
                  • 8: Tokyo Revelation 1995 – (Combined Position)
                  • 8: Digital Devil 1987 – (Combined Position)
                  • 7: Judge – 1991
                  • 6: Spirit Warrior – 1988
                  • 5: Doomed Megalopolis – 1991
                  • 4: Demon City Shinjuku – 1988
                  • 3: Vampire Hunter D – 1985
                  • 2: Wicked City – 1987
                  • 1: Devil Man – 1987

                  Products from Amazon.co.uk

                    A short breakdown of each anime movie

                    10: GoShogun Time Etranger – 1985

                    GoShogun On Rant Time! a must See twitter @arhhhranttime ranttime.co.uk
                    GoShogun On Rant Time! a must See twitter @arhhhranttime ranttime.co.uk

                    Though GoShogun isn’t really classed as a horror, it does have some really creepy moments in it, such as: being trapped, being lost in your own mind, trying to fight your inner demons. Because of these eerie moments in GoShogun, it gets the Rant Time number 10 spot!


                    9: Dark myth – 1990

                    Dark Myth part of the Rant Time top 10 horror animes
                    Dark Myth part of the Rant Time top 10 horror anime list

                    If you’re after a really creepy story based anime that doesn’t have too much action but a good storyline, then this is the one for you. Let me just leave you with these keywords from the cover- A violent and chaotic god wants to be reborn.

                    8: Tokyo Revelation – 1995 Shin Megami Tensai (Combined)

                    Tokyo Revelation 1995
                    This is a Love it or Hate it! anime

                    This is a weird one as you will either love it or hate it. I always picture it this way, imagine if you had a computer algorithm that can summon demons, via a HTML/JavaScript code that gives direct access to hell, what would you do with it? I really like this anime so this one is a personal choice for me. let me know your views on it. Do you love it or hate it?…

                    I really like this anime, so this one is a personal choice for me. let me know your views on it. Do you love it or hate it?…

                    Also I believe this is part of the Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil game and books.


                    8: Digital Devil – 1987 Shin Megami Tensai (Combined)

                    Digital Devil 1987 Shin Megami Tensai
                    Digital Devil Shin Megami Tensai

                    A lot of people say read the novels! play the game it is a lot better than the anime, but this is a top ten on the movies, while this movie isn’t bad, it’s definitely worth watching. Even thou this is a movie you will only watch once it does have it’s moments. For me the annoying part of this anime is all the flash backs and you start thinking… Arghhh


                    7: Judge – 1991

                    I request the aid of the ten kings in, the cause of justice
                    I request the aid of the ten kings in, the cause of justice

                    I come across this little badass by accident. It’s a rare gem, if you have watched it before then you know what I mean and if you haven’t, its one of those crazy random anime movies that is worth watching.


                    6: Spirit Warrior – 1988

                    Peacock King - Spirit Warrior
                    Peacock King – Spirit Warrior

                    This is what you get when you mix Japanese culture with a Nazi regime that Hitler would be proud of. You get an under ground priest group battling: demons, summonings and all other crazies.

                    P.S Obviously the Nazi’s are bad guys!


                    5: Doomed Megalopolis – 1991

                    Doomed Megalopolis
                    Doomed Megalopolis – 1991

                    I’ve never read the novel, so can’t say how close to the book this adaption is. The movies start’s like most horror animes of its time with a guy! this guy is called Kato and you got it he wants to destroy Tokyo to appease his ancestors. I can only assume he doesn’t like where the government of that time is taking the country (V for Vendetta much Kato?) To do so he kidnaps a woman who has psychic powers and tries to use her to resurrect a sleeping guardians spirit who if awoken during the guardians 2000 year slumber will destroy the city! Because we all want to destroy the world when we have to wake up for work! arhhh, before I forget the guitar solo at the beginning of the movie should put this at number 1

                    4: Demon City Shinjuku – 1988

                    Demon City Anime
                    Demon City Shinjuku 1988

                    What an awesome movie that can be watched over and over again. Demon City Shinjuku has an awesome Star Wars Jedi feel to it. I don’t mean outer space travel, more on the lines of a master and apprentice, save the world type feel to it defiantly worth watching!


                    3: Vampire Hunter D – 1985

                    Vampire Hunter D 1985
                    Vampire Hunter D – 1985

                    What can I say, if you’re an anime manga fan then you’re more than likely have watched, picked up, or skimmed through the Vampire Hunter D movies.

                    VHD has a massive cult following, with a new comic book adaption that has been successfully funded on Kickstarter by Kurt Rauer. Vampire Hunter D is an anime for all to watch and enjoy.

                    2: Wicked City – 1987

                    Wicked City Anime
                    Wicked City Anime

                    If you’re a fan of Demon City Shinjuku, then this is a must! Wicked city has some of the coolest monster designs around. I mean the spider woman is the scariest monster ever!! If you’re a guy, you know what I mean!

                    Someone pointed out that this has a very similar opening theme to “Angel Cop”

                    1: Devil man – 1987 

                    Devil Man
                    I’m Devil Man!!! Arhhh

                    The number one spot! Let’s face it: we would all love super powers! We would all like to be better, stronger, faster than we are currently, so imagine combining your soul with a demon? Sounds scary, weird and inhuman? That’s because it is!! Oh and imagine after fusing with that form, using that form to save the world.


                    On that note, that’s the end of my top 10 : 1980’s to 1990’s horror anime movies list. I hope you enjoyed reading and watching it and hopefully it brought back some personal nostalgic memories.

                    Let me know if you agree or disagree with the list above and what you would change or what’s missing.

                    Prey for the Gods by No Matter Studios

                    Rant Time backed “Prey For The Gods” on Kickstarter!

                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods image logo

                    For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing “Prey for the Gods”.

                    While browsing through Kickstarter-like most people do in today’s world when bored and looking for something new and exciting. I come across an epic adventure (looking) game Prey for the Gods which by the looks of it has a very similar style the other games mentioned above and guess what?.. what you say… It is not part of Team Ico, it is an entirely different game and hopefully an entirely different story.

                    Prey for the Gods is an action survival game set on a desolate frozen island. To survive you must destroy the very gods you believe in. (Ouch) but sounds like a game we know right? Please don’t make us feel guilty for killing colossi!… wait before we talk about Prey for the Gods.

                    Let’s just take a look back to 2006 when I remember playing Shadow Of the Colossus and thinking to myself

                    “Am I the bad guy?”

                    Think about it… because the answer is YES! I actually felt horrible for killing these Colossi, but I can’t be the only one that felt that way or am I?

                    Now imagine this: The stone like, furry, winged colossi are just relaxing in their gigantic castles, wide open fields and dungeons not affecting people but actually providing protection as they are seals to keep dormant an evil God. Then along comes a jackass on his horse firing arrows and slashing them with his sword of blue glowy-ness!

                    #dickmove but I get it, he wants to bring his woman back from the dead, but if there is one thing we have learned from every book/movie since the beginning of time is this. The dead should stay dead. For example: Zombies, Vampires, the freaking ending of ICO!, South Park, Zombie Batman and Pet Cemetery and so so so many more…


                    What I’m hoping to see in Prey for the Gods!

                    I’m hoping Prey for the Gods has a few elements that make this game unique and one being a stronger story than what Team Ico have done or something with more detail.

                    Some kind of RPG leveling system. For instance, can I level a weapon up? Can I upgrade my garments?

                    Hidden world secrets – Something that tells us more about the history of the lands, the cultures and of course the Gods.

                    One of the kick starter pledges was to have a statue of the pledger designed and added into the game. It would be awesome if like in Guild Wars 2 you could click onto a statue and a dialog box displays text as to why that statue is there and why it’s important to the people of the land for it being there, but in a meaningful and in-game way that doesn’t effect the story or game play.

                    Please let there be more than just climbing and battling the look of the world is stunning so exploring should be a must!


                    Overview : of Prey for the Gods Information from the Kickstarter campaign

                    In Prey for the Gods, you play a lone hero sent to the edge of a dying world to discover the mystery behind a never-ending winter. Arriving with only the clothes on your back, you must survive the colossal dangers that you encounter. To restore balance and reclaim the land from the brink, you will be faced with questions that not even a God knows the answer to.

                    Core Features:

                    • Colossal battles with giants where you can climb your foes
                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods
                    • A vast and mysterious frozen world with dynamic snow terrain that you must traverse
                    • Intense survival game play
                    • Explore mysterious temples that contain secrets and treasure.
                    • Dynamic weather and day/night cycle
                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods
                    • Non-linear game play where you choose who to battle and how
                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods
                    • Loot the fallen heroes and equip yourself with weapons and supplies
                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods
                    • Unique musical score

                    Game Play

                    Prey for the Gods ambitiously combines the game play of Shadow of the Colossus, Deus Ex, DayZ, and BloodBorne. It has tight controls, action-packed boss fights and a frozen mysterious world to explore.

                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods

                    Prey for the Gods can be played with a keyboard or a game pad. Your basic actions are attack, move and dodge/climb. Simple to learn and critical to master. You control the hero from a third person perspective and can explore the world in any direction. Dodging is crucial as the creatures that inhabit this island are not forgiving in battle and will not give mercy.

                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods

                    The combat in Prey for the Gods is fast-paced, brutal, and up to you. Each of the giants you encounter will be unique. To be victorious, you need to discover and exploit their weaknesses then climb on and defeat them. Do you take the giants head-on and dodge their massive attacks, striking when the time is right? Or hide from their gaze and sneak up on them? Pick up a sword, find a bow and arrow, fly through the air with a grapple hook, or use your bare hands.

                    You decide how to fight, and you decide how to survive. In battle, weapons can break, and arrows are finite, so do your best to make every shot count. Luckily, you can pull out the arrows you shoot. Discover the giants weaknesses, climb and defeat them.

                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods

                    Music and Sound


                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods

                    Composer Ian Dorsch has been writing and recording music for games and related media for the better part of 15 years. His game audio work runs the gamut from AAA (Gears of War 3, Xbox Fitness) to indie (Airborn – Pino’s Journey), and as a contributor to Polygon, The Escapist and Gamers With Jobs, Ian has written theme music for some of the longest-running podcasts and video series in gaming (Zero Punctuation). In addition to his work as a freelance composer, Ian is also a singer and choir director, and he currently directs the Grays Harbor Chamber Singers and the Vestr Singers, a professional vocal ensemble from the Seattle area.

                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods

                    Skewsound has the experience and talent to bring the cold atmosphere of Prey for the Gods to life. Having done sound and music for a number of AAA and notable indie games including Chariot, Lost Within, Knee Deep, Magic Circle, RockBand 4, Gigantic, and Grim Dawn


                    The World

                    Exploration is rewarding but risky. Luckily, your footsteps in deep snow will help guide you back if you get lost. However, the deeper the snow the more tired and hungry you will be. Hunt for food, then pick up what you can and find a safe cave to rest. Build yourself up from nothing, salvage items and weapons from fallen heroes including swords, bows, outfits, and more.

                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods

                    Spend too long out in the cold and risk exposure that will chill you to the bone. Our dynamic weather system is treacherous and ever changing. From a sunny day, to a blizzard at a moment’s notice you never know what to expect. The weather is just as dangerous as the giants you are after. A trek out to find your next foe could have you changing course and looking for shelter to warm yourself.

                    twitter.com/arhhhranttime @arhhhranttime Prey for the Gods: For all you Team Ico game fans out there that loved ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and the seriously long-awaited: The Last Guardian (Which is still in preorder) you may be in for a treat for 2017 by No Matter Studios who are developing Prey for the Gods




                    If you’re a Shadow of the Colossus fan, or in search of the (Supotobe) 17th Colossi this blog is a must read http://nomads-sotc-blog.blogspot.co.uk/

                    No Matter Studios… who? (Click here to find out more about them) click here to go to No Matter Studios Website

                    Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!

                    Hey Guys and Gals! This is for all you ANIME fans who love violence, gore and straight up nasty, I’ve put together my Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies, but for this list to work there are a few rules…

                    Anime Rules:

                    • Has to be a movie or set of movies
                    • No shows
                    • Must feature: sh*t  load of gore…
                    • Have a WTF shock factor, literally off the scale!
                    • Must have a lot of violence….or it wouldn’t be violent, would it lol


                    With this in count let’s get this list started

                    Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies

                    • 10: Ichi The Killer – 2002 – Koroshiya 1: The Animation Episode 0 (original title)
                    • 9: Midori – Shoujo Tsubaki 1992
                    • 8: Kite – 1998
                    • 7: BAOH – 1989
                    • 6: Akira – 1988
                    • 5: Ninja Scroll – 1993 Arm ripping, blood drinking, monster dude
                    • 4: Violence Jack 1986
                    • 3: Devil Man 1987
                    • 2: Berserk The Golden Age Arc 2012 – 2013
                    • 1:  Fist of the North Star 1986


                    Breakdown of the list

                    10: Ichi The Killer – 2002 – Koroshiya 1: The Animation Episode 0 (original title)

                     Ichi The Killer Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!
                    Ichi The Killer Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!

                    I remember watching this non-anime movie back in the day, than some time later finding out there is an anime to it. Lets just say I hummed for a while before watching it. Its a good movie worth watching but just like the non-anime you may only watch it once.

                    Blood… I’m bleeding, I’m BLEEDING!!

                    The English London dub is funny as hell! and worth watching just for the laugh!


                    9: Midori – Shoujo Tsubaki 1992

                    Midori – Shoujo Tsubaki - Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!
                    Midori – Shoujo Tsubaki – Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!

                    Erm… weird… F*cked up and straight wrong! This animation has a very old art style, so it might not be for everyone, I’m not 100% keen on this movie myself as it looks muddy imagine heavy metal with washed out colours. Did you know this movie is also known as a cult classic? I personally think its poo, but I have added to this list because it has some messed up senses that belong to this list, oh if you’re an animal lover stay well clear! again so wrong!


                    8: Kite – 1998

                    kite - Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!
                    kite – Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!

                    The check list :

                    Sex (Tick)

                    Girls (Tick)

                    Guns (Tick)

                    Action (Tick)

                    Assassins (Tick

                    What more can I say…


                    7: BAOH – 1989

                    BAOH Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!
                    BAOH Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!

                    This is one of them 1980’s forgotten anime, you know the type basic story that probably has a gazillion plot holes in but works really well. It’s very cool for its time if your a Guyver fan you will love this. Also this is when anime characters has noses!


                    6: Akira 1988 Anime movie

                    Akira Tetsuo - Top Ten Most Violent Anime Movies! Rant Time gore level extreme!
                    Akira Tetsuo – Top Ten Most Violent Anime Movies! Rant Time gore level extreme!

                    The most innovative anime for its time? I’m not going to give you 1,000 reasons why this movie was great, Im not going to talk about the level of detail in each cell. Hell I’m not even going to talk about the motor bike! Not going to talk about the story only being a small amount of the manga… I’m not even going to talk about AKIRA not being in the movie!

                    Akira: Is NOT about Kaneda! and Kaneda is NOT Akira! the reason it is here is all because of Tetsuo’s and how he explodes people with his mind power kinetics and let’s not forget Tetsuo’s blob monster! WTF! This is a movie where you feel for Kaori that is the innocent character that … blog monster… crushes.


                    5: Ninja Scroll 1993

                    Ninja Scroll - Top Ten Most Violent Anime Movies! Rant Time gore level extreme!
                    Ninja Scroll – Top Ten Most Violent Anime Movies! Rant Time gore level extreme!

                    Imagine having your arms ripped off and then having your blood drank from them like it’s a pint of beer from said arms! seriously stone dude #AIDSAWARENESS

                    This has to be the most famous anime in the world next to Akira as it is the only one everyone seems to know the name to when thinking of anime / manga. I can understand why thou its freaking awesome.



                    4: Violence Jack 1986

                    Violence Jack - Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!
                    Violence Jack – Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!

                    I love post apocalyptic movies they are so wrecked. Every time I watch them I keep thinking how long would Mad Max last, was Eli really blind? and how tall is Jack (Violence Jack). VJ takes giants of men seriously. lets face it if you can’t stand over someone you ain’t powerful. The world where it’s dog eat dog and power over the weak where only the strong survive.


                    3: Devil Man 1987

                    Devil Man Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!
                    Devil Man Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!

                    Stand up for your self Akira Fudo! FFS… wait I should say “bullies stay out of his way and RUN!!”

                    Do you remember that saying: The quite ones are the worse ones, but they forgot to say the quite ones fuse with demons and become a crazy demon humanoid. defiantly one of my favourite movies of all time.


                    2: Berserk The Golden Age Arc 2012 – 2013

                    Beserk - Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!
                    Beserk – Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies!

                    Berserk is an awesome anime, manga and movie. The movie remake pictured above is an epic adventure tale but the art style can be questionable sometimes, especially in the modern anime series remake. But both are worth watching. The movies start as the prequel before the demons take over! (Yes there is more on the story then to the anime, for example the dream cast game)


                    You follow the life of Gutz a confused individual that follows a path of war, skilled with a super heavy looking long sword. You see his personality change, mould and adapt to the life style of a mercenary.

                    The world is filled with death, famine and battle fields. When killing for land and power is a glorious time, the lives of the people living in this world mean nothing. Are worth nothing unless your strong… but what really is awesome about this is SKULLKNIGHT!! so many unanswered questions about him!


                    1:  Fist of the North Star 1986

                     Fist of the North Star 1986
                    Fist of the North Star 1986

                    The 1980’s like most of the nostalgia years was a very simple time. People worked hard to buy homes, saved up for their future, had funky hairstyles and wore dungarees. But for some, just a few the 1980’s was the year for gore! Kenshiro is an absolute badass f*ck Chuck Noris, Kenshiro will Bruce Lee speak your ass. Kenshiro isn’t afraid to explode a few peoples heads here and there for chatting crap. Sorry Goku but Kenshiro will f*ck you up too! The most famous line from this movie is…

                    Kenshiro: Your already dead (Slow walk off into dust)


                    On a serious note: Japan you have some seriously messed up stuff going on… I think it’s time to speak to someone.


                    Guys and Gals I hope you liked my “Top 10 Most Violent Anime Movies”

                    Stranger Things WTF!!!

                    Is Stranger Things an epic or fail?

                    Netflix's Stranger Things Seriously WTF!!!... Epic or Fail? Logo

                    Seriously WTF!!!…W…T…F… wait… let me add this disclaimer!

                    DISCLAIMER: Let me just say this post on Stranger Things will contain spoilers and references to other movies, shows and books found in and around the show, so if you haven’t watched the show STOP reading this, STOP watching trailers on YouTube, RantTime, Vimeo and just watch the show!! I repeat WATCH THE SHOW!  Then get your butt back to Rant Time and voice your opinion in the forum on here.

                    Sorry about that, now where was I…..oh yes, Seriously WTF Netflix! Personally I have to say for me what an amazing first season! I can only assume that if you’re still reading this, you have watched Season 1 and can’t wait for Season 2.

                    Let me just give the show and it’s story a little breakdown: A tiny spot of light in the mass void of darkness that makes Stranger Things so awesome. So let us dive in and start with a very over looked part of every TV show.


                    The Logo and Intro Music

                    Being a graphic designer, illustrator and multi-platform programmer, the first thing I took notice of was the design of the title’s logo and the theme song. The logo had me puzzled for a while as it gave me a sense of nostalgia and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I knew I had seen that style of typography before… then it hit me! If you’re from the 80’s era, you more than likely have heard of the epic world famous writer Stephen King? If you have then you know that he wrote some awesome books like: The Thing, Children of the Corn, Misery and I.T. If you take a closer look at the show’s logo then look at the Stephen King book jackets, you should see a similarity.

                    Stehen King Books Netflix's Stranger Things Seriously WTF!!!... Epic or Fail?
                    Can you see the similarity?

                    Not only that but the music for the theme is heavily synthesized, just like the movie Drive.

                    Well enough about that, let us talk about the show!!!!!!!!


                    That is so cool… wait, was that from?

                    Throughout this show, you will notice the Duffer brothers pay homage to some awesome 80’s/90’s movies such as: The Goonies, Stand By Me, Twin Peaks, I.T, ET, Star Wars, The Matrix, Alien, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), The Thing, Nightmare on Elm Street, Close Encounters of the Third Kind… just to name a few.

                    A majority of these movies and books all heavily feature a sense of wonder, adventure, something dark and hidden, while having something uncontrollable. Stranger Things is no exception to this and it captures the world from which it is set so nicely that you feel drawn in. You know there are so many things going on, but you’re ok with it. The story gives you small bites at a time and doesn’t bombard you with different character development, side stories and FREAKING stupid love triangles…

                    You know who the good guys are and you know who the bad guys are, it’s simple but it makes it easy and enjoyable to watch.


                    Character Development!

                    All the characters seem to be very like-able and I’m sure that everyone has their favorite. For myself, it’s Dustin played by Gaten Matarazzo, who made it worth watching. Dustin has that nostalgic 80’s character personality that made Stranger Things in the same way Chunk made The Goonies. Dustin is an awesome actor for such a young kid, but Mike Wheeler (played by Finn Wolfard) the lead character, set the show and did an excellent job doing so.

                    Mike also helped develop Eleven’s character (Eleven is Lii Lii Chan’s favourite character but she loves Dustin’s cheekiness.) and made her so like-able. I think that the viewers feel Eleven needs protecting even though she’s the most powerful human being possessing telekinetic powers, she is still a young scared child. In all honestly after watching the first episode, I wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons because of the way Mike played the Dungeon Master.

                    For some reason; I could and couldn’t take to Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer). In some scenes I liked her and in others I didn’t. I was swayed because she’s a bit of a book worm but most of the time I couldn’t stand her scenes and couldn’t wait for them to be over.  Furthermore, a reason why I think a lot of us stepped away from liking Nancy’s character was because of the way she treated her best friend Barb and forgot all about her, while the character development showed them as close best friends.

                    Who is your favourite Stranger Things character?

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                    Enough about the characters tell me about the Stranger Things story!


                    The adventure starts when a young boy named Will Byers goes missing on his way home, from a group game of Dungeons and Dragons. This is where the adventure starts like most 80’s style movies with over the top government experiments but this time it’s about how a young girl called Eleven who is the key to connecting and walking through parallel universes but also has awesome telekinetic powers.  Eleven has these powers thanks to the bad guys (in this post we’ll call the government the bad guys) carrying out experiments on her in a typical creepy government type of way.. does that makes sense? Probably not. Just bear with me as I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for those that haven’t watched the show.

                    Eleven touches a weird looking creature called The Demogorgon from another world (wait seriously like anyone would freaking do that). After touching The Demogorgon, the creature tries to follow her back but gets stuck and now lives in between the parallel universe (imagine a mirror and the creature lives on the other side of it).

                    Anyway to wrap this up, the group of friends do their best to try and find Will but what they find is not what they expected!

                    Watch Dogs 2 Will it be over hyped? Mr Robot anyone?

                    Watch Dogs 2 but before we talk about the game, does anyone remember playing Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs the original? if so you probably remember all the hype from the first trailer which was shown at e3 in 2012. The game was meant to set the bar for next-generation gaming and wow did the trailer work. The trailer showed some amazing visual results, a new style of game play and gaming elements never before seen.  I remember the first time I watched the development of watch dogs and though to my self wow what an awesome game and guess what.. you got it I was sold into the hype as I had to get it… it was defiantly apart of preorder list.

                    Watch Dogs e3 2012 trailer
                    Just because Watch Dogs was SUPER over hyped doesn’t means its not good because it is lets not get that wrong. It’s was worth playing then and still is worth playing today. It has some fun elements, like listening in to peoples conversations, Connecting white lines! (Hacking) and having a bit of a free roam city but it gets boring and annoying after the first hour or two.

                    Let me just mention something about the hacking, the game was seriously hyped on a new feature of hacking items around the city, but what we got was connect this white line to this white line and fail..errr. try again.. fail.. f*ck! wait if I go connect it here its done… now what did I want to do here? By the time you finished hacking something your original idea was gone.

                    Imagine if hacking was that easy!

                    Can you imagine if hacking was as easy as connecting white lines, no code needed, no programmers wanted here! Java, Python… Suck it! I just need to connect this line to that line and bam! Rant Time is as big a Apple!

                    So what else was over hyped?

                    What else was over hyped in the trailer? The graphics of course! If like me during that period in time you was running tri sli + the pci-1 physx card by nvidia on ultra settings and I still couldn’t get the same graphics as the e3 trailer shown above, that was because from what we know Ubisoft downgrade there visual graphics to help with porting. How true this is or not i’m not sure. Instead of next gen graphics what we got was high CPU’s, Ramped up memory and disk drives running at 100% see the video below for graphics comparisons.

                    The story…

                    Was Watch Dogs a good story yes, but the main character isn’t to likable and so boring. I can’t remember the full story to well, but what I do remember was one of your family members gets killed and you find the person responsible.

                    The question you should be asking is: does the story feel full? Because the answer would be half full, you follow the lead character in his journey to get revenge, but it ends open for a part two which guess what… we have coming out now in 2016. But from the trailer I would say the two games are not connected.

                    Let’s hope it doesn’t feel as repetitive as the original game. For some reason I remember Watch Dogs felt like Saints Row 4 but not as quirky did anyone else get that feeling?


                    Everyones favourite element “Free Roam”

                    Time after time Rock Stars Grand Theft Auto has set the bar for free roaming! Watch Dogs free roam is extremely restrictive! Very realistic but restrictive on what you can and can’t do. You can’t interact with NPC’s in a physical/violent way even if you really want to hit someone for the way they are treating someone else. But in GTA its pure rampage! 5 star wanted level!!! ARHHH! But I do understand not all free roaming games are GTA or Saints Row.


                    The question now is, will Watch Dogs 2 be as over hyped?

                    Have you seen the trailer above? again wow! The game is looking awesome and has elements of what look like Mr Robot the tv show. I’m picturing a group of elite hackers fighting back against an evil corporation. (Throw your fists in the air and say “stick it to the man!”)

                    But let’s hope Watch Dogs 2 is more interactive with the world, the characters are likable, the story is strong and giving the character more freedom in free roam.

                    Rant Times Watch Dogs 2
                    Watch Dogs 2 Looking very urban – Rant Time!

                    I’m going to end this post with this:

                    I’m not falling for the hype of Watch Dogs 2 as I know first hand, what we see in a trailer is not always what we get in the final product!. So with this new found knowledge I am more swayed than ever in not pre-ordering Ubisoft’s: Watch Dogs 2. In all honesty, the first game was a good game and no doubt the second one should be but I don’t want to be a part of the pre-order statistics waiting for patch fix and updates.

                    If you’re a PC gamer then you more than likely know the first few days of a games launch is where it really gets beta tested by gamers around the world. Bugs are high, patches are few and I always seem to get issues. For example Batman kept giving me a black screen till the patch. GTA 5 random crashes and no multiplayer till the patch. So this time, I may wait for a few patch fixes prior to obtaining a copy.

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