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Welcome to the featured section of Rant Time!

the featured area offer’s the latest games, indie development, movies, anime / manga and entertainment (breath) that look so freaking awesome! it needs to be on our top spot on ranttime.co.uk.

Dear Rant People -_-‘ please tell me what’s so freaking cool and amazing about this section?

Well my dear fake amigo, this section offers everything that’s new! but like most things in life new, it isn’t new for very long! so expect the featured section to change with the latest updates from different projects around the world.

With how fast projects are being produced you may see this area change a lot and I mean a lot!… guys A LOT!!

If you’re looking for an item that isn’t listed in featured anymore, it will be listed under a different category or group name for example, the movie Jurassic World will be found in entertainment!

Dear Rant People! once again why have you used the movie Jurassic World the movie sucks cherries!

My dearest fake amigo! Jurassic World was trending on google at number 1 during the period of writing this! July 2016

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