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Welcome to the “Gaming // Indie development // AAA” section of Rant Time!
The games area! will offer my in depth opinion (OK a rant!) and occasionally my fellow Rant-ette LiiLii Chan’s opinion on topics including the latest in gaming, indie development, new releases, new projects and basically anything new from around the world (you get the picture..) with that I feel the universe should hear my royal opinion on but I would also love to hear your opinions as I like a bit of banter.
Fellow Ranters, I want you, yes YOU to tell me what needs to be changed or included in this section (I only want to know what’s cool and awesome) in no more than 30 characters- sorry no one is allowed to rant more than me lol.
As you know, new things are released on a daily almost hourly basis so this section will be regularly updated. For example, if you’re looking for a featured rant review on something like Alan Wake, Grand Theft Auto, you’ll find it listed under the games category.
Quick question Ranters, why have you used the Alan Wake, Grand Theft Auto?!!! It sucks cherries!!
To wrap it up, stay tuned to this channel and this section in particular, feel free to rant/drop your opinion but please keep it respectful.
King of Rants
Indie Games, Projects and Development
What else can I say? apart from some indie games rock!! and POOP (yes POOP) all over some AAA game developers! Let’s start this category by saying; there are some awesome and amazing indie games being developed and coming out, as well as already being out! #home #yearwalk #avasdream it’s only fitting that the indie developers get their own section of the rant time website!

If you’re a developer my (MY COI) hat goes off to you, because for one the rant time team know how hard it is to produce games and stay up to date on programming languages and interfaces and two well there isn’t a two because one is so freaking hard!

This section is all about the development and behind the scene aspect of gaming and hopefully we will be able to give you an insight into each team and how they work.

Guys keep up the amazing work!

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