Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants

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Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 1

October 31st, All Hallows Eve (Halloween)

So it’s that scary time of year again. You know what time I’m talking about, when it gets dark really early.  The clocks go back so you get that extra hours sleep, oh and when them bloody little gremlins keep knocking your door all day long trick or bloody treating for something their parents should be paying for.

Yep, you guessed it, it’s Christmas!!! I mean Halloween! So for this holiday season’s list to work, I’ve put together 20 of the scariest horror games based on creepy stories to give you a fright.

If like me you want to make the most of the creepy festival then why not lock your self in a room, switch off the lights and play one of the games below.

Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 1
Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 1

So here is Rant Time’s Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants (part 1)

  • 20: Rules of Rose
  • 19: DreadOut
  • 18: Lucius
  • 17: Lone Survivor
  • 16: Yomawari Night Alone
  • 15: Home
  • 14: Never Ending Nightmares
  • 13: Parasite Eve
  • 12: Gone Home
  • 11: Year Walk

Halloween Horror Games Breakdown!

Let’s start this list with some awesome horror games! Please note just because they are in (Rant Time) order, doesn’t mean any of them are crap and not worth playing. All games in this list have been selected because they have made a social impact on the people that have played them and will continue to do so. So please browse the list and let me know what games I’ve missed or what order your top 20’s would be.

20: Rules of Rose

Rules of Rose on Rant time

Guys don’t hate me… yes Rules of Rose has the 20 spot but I have a good reason for it. Even though I enjoyed the game and yes it has very good to extreme moments that keep you on the end of your seat. Extreme moments like rat on a stick, buried alive, animal cruelty etc etc. I kept saying to myself “No, please no! WTF these kids are wrecked!” but I kept playing which shows how great of a game this is but like all great games there are few issues. One particular thing that I can’t stand about this game, is mentioned below and it’s because of that issue why this awesome game gets the 20 spot.

In Game !!Spoilers!!

Number 1 Jennifer (main character) being twice the size of the other kids, yet you get bullied by them! I completely understand the impact of bullying and what it does to a person’s mental state and well-being. My only issue is you’re fighting loads of scary looking kids, rat headed kids, other weird creatures and a freaking messed up looking head teacher. So why on earth are you so afraid of the bullies?!

This is the biggest floor for me.

If your character was the same size or more fragile then this game would be at a completely different ranting spot than 20. But your character looks like she is in her 20’s while the kids are in the tweens and thus you don’t have that impacted as to why these kids can bully you.

19: Dread Out

Dread out on Rant Time

Is this an indie version of Fatal Frame? Nope. It has a very similar style where you have to use a camera to scare ghosts away because in Japan cameras are like legendary weapons!…  Not really, but would be cool if they were. Let me introduce you to DreadOut, a horror game set like most Japanese horror games in a haunted school!

18: Lucius

lucius son of the devil on Rant Time

Lucius is a little bast@rd and I can’t say it any other way. Lucius is a really cool game where you get to play as the spawn of Satan and no I’m not talking about Mr Satan from Dragon Ball Z, I’m talking about the Omen himself, the kid born with 666 in his skull! Damian!! Well in the game Lucius, you’re Damian’s digital doppelgänger… and just like the movie you get to do some crazy sh*t!

In Game !!Spoilers!!

So crazy sh*t like burning people alive, making them fall to their deaths and of course riding around on a three-wheeled trike like the kid in The Shining! How epic is that?

The best part of this game is when you have one to one alone time with your father… The Devil!

It’s like the developers went to a completely new level of story telling, where the shadows on the wall offered a little more information then what was being said.

If the game is so cool why is it number 18? 

The game is cool and worth playing but like most games in the list it is all about the story and one issue I have found with this game is not knowing what to do next…Even after multiple playthroughs, it’s hard to remember what item you need or who you need to talk to next. I mean you’re the son of the Devil so you shouldn’t have to be sneaky doing human stuff, collecting items and hiding items to keep the story going.

But when you do build your powers up, you get to use them on an amazing fight where two ordained exorcists try to cast the demon out of you! Well they try to kill you rather then save you.. but all good fun.

This game is really worth playing.

17: Lone survivor

Everyone loves retro graphics! Especially a retro graphic side scroller! This epic indie survival horror game is developed by Jasper Byrne and it brings a new light into a post apocalyptic world. When I first laid eyes on this game I thought the main protagonist (named YOU) had a massive grin on his face! But nope it’s a medical mask.

The world is filled with disease, zombies and crazy wacky dreams. (YOU) need to escape….But what are you escaping from?

16: Yomawari Night Alone

Yomawari Night Alone on Rant Time

Sis… Sis where are you?

This game…wow this game…even the tutorial starts off deep. This is a weird game where the story gets deeper and deeper. Just take your time with it as it is a slow paced adventure game where ghostly spirits roam the streets and appear at the worse times!

In Game !!Spoilers!!

A few annoying factors about this game:

1 hit and you’re dead! It’s really a pain in the ass. As most ghosts or spirits seem faster then you, expect to get hit over and over!

Your run meter! When a ghost is near by, expect it to drain rapidly! Making it even harder to escape! Again another pain in the ass!

15: Home

home game on Rant Time

I remember the first time I played this game I purchased it from the iOS App Store. I didn’t expect too much from it at first but wow does it pack a story. A powerful, moving yet heart breaking story. This game is re-playable over and over, just play it with different situations.

How to play !!Spoilers!!

Play the first game.

Second time play it knowing you’re the killer!

14: Never Ending Nightmares

never ending nightmare on Rant Time

Matt Gilgenbach, the developer of Never Ending Nightmares, shares his personal struggles with obsessive–compulsive disorder and depression. The game is designed to give you a feeling of bleakness and hopelessness and trust me it does that! Made with a fantastic art style, you’re bound to be freaked out with the mind of Matt Gilgenbach.


Please see below Matt Gilgenbach’s developer diaries during the making of Never Ending Nightmares.

Remember the only person to be afraid of is yourself…

13: Parasite Eve


This game was part of the generation when PlayStation set the standard for gaming everywhere! There have been some amazing games for the PlayStation One, Parasite Eve being one of them. I remember I had so many issues trying to obtain a copy of this game, as it wasn’t released in the UK. At the time I remember purchasing a PAL copy of it from Japan’s Square Soft! in 1998 for £120+ and boy was it worth it. It took over 6 weeks to be delivered (when you’re a kid, 6 weeks is like an eternity) but when it arrived I got to play Parasite Eve in all her goodness.

One thing Square Soft/Enix have been amazing at is stories, they know how to pack some deep stories into a game.

12: Year Walk

Year Walk by Simogo on Rant Time

Simogo, the developers behind Year Walk, have brought a Swedish future seeking folklore to life with it’s modern interpretation made for iOS and Android. Let this adventure scare the sh*t out of you with it’s first person mazes, item collecting and spooky path finding. If like me, you wanted to know more about Year Walk, you can also download a free Year Walk app called Year Walk Companion from the App Store or Android’s The Marketplace. I highly recommend doing so as it gives you a little more history into the folklore behind the game.

11: Gone Home

gone-home on Rant Time

How did this get here? This is another cool game… But you need to play this game with a few rules!

Number 1 Lights OFF!

Number 2 Turn the sound up, just to get you in the mood of being alone in a house and last but not least

Number 3 read everything you find, because what you find might not be what you expected.

Gone Home !!Spoilers!!
So if you have already played this game then you know it’s not a horror game, it’s more like a first person puzzle game with some awesome creepy moments. Picture roaming around an empty house trying to find out where everyone is…


Click here for Part 2 of the scariest Halloween games made! Well scariest games! not Halloween…

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