Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants (2)

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Top 20 Halloween Horror Games That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 2

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed the first 20-11 horror games to play on Halloween in Part 1. Let’s continue with Part 2 of our Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, with the last 10 awesome and must play games!

So here is Rant Time’s Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 2

Halloween horror games part 2 on Rant Time

Click here for part 1

  • 10: Clock Tower
  • 9: Project Zero / Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly
  • 8: Oxenfree
  • 7: Resident Evil
  • 6: Until Dawn
  • 5: The Lost Crown
  • 4: Corpse Party
  • 3: Layers of Fear
  • 2: Silent Hill
  • 1: Alan Wake


Breakdown of Rant Time’s Top 20 Halloween Horror Games, That Will Make You Sh*t Your Pants Part 2

10: Clock Tower PS1

Clock Tower On Rant Time

This short review is based on the Play Station one title of Clock Tower as the newer versions of this game don’t have the same feeling as the original’s created for Super Nintendo (Snes) and Play Station One (PS1). As they seem a little to anime related or like a completely different game altogether (Haunting Ground). So this top 10 spot goes to the 1996 version of Clock Tower for the PS 1.

I love this game for its random events, there isn’t a game quite like it. The only game that pops to mind, that has similar features is Resident Evil Nemesis, but even Nemesis doesn’t come close to Clock Tower’s panic moments. Clock Tower is still worth playing today and I highly recommend giving it a go. If you were a kid growing up in the 80’s then chances are you might have heard of this game and have some fond memories of it today.

What made this game so special?

This is an easy question to answer. FEAR! With this being a point and click survival horror game, it means that you had to learn your surroundings, when you enter a room you had to take notice of items that could help protect you, hide you and give you a fighting chance from an unbeatable foe.

Clock Tower !!Spoilers!!

Some pain in the ass moments :

Collecting items in the wrong order or not having an item to advance the story.

Falling into traps

From the very first moment you meet Scissor Man (The Serial Killer) your instincts tell you to run, hide and get help! That’s what makes this game so awesome. In fact hiding in a room is not always the smart choice as Scissor Man’s AI means he can appear randomly and always at the times you feel safest.

9: Project Zero // Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly

Fatal Frame Project Zero on Rant Time

Fatal Frame was an awesome addition to the horror gaming world. It brought with it, new game mechanics still being use in modern gaming and if you’re into Japanese cult horror then Fatal Frame is a must, it also goes under the name of Project Zero across Europe.

I highly recommend playing Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly. Out of all the Project Zero’s and Fatal Frame’s games, for me personally Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly seems to have the best story.

8: Oxenfree

The awesome Oxenfree on RantTime

A coming of age story like no other, this seriously awesome adventure features a group of teens getting to know each other’s past, present and future. Working out differences and saying goodbye to loved ones. The group spend their final few days together before leaving for college/university. The game is based on making choices that build and effect relationships with your friends and family. The choices you make in the game can upset your friends, while this is part of the game mechanic I always try to be the good guy on the first play through then the A**hole the second play through.

Don’t rush through this game, enjoy every bit of it as its a very short game but wow is it worth playing on an emotional and heart warming way which is really odd for a horrorish game…

So what makes this scare? The paranormal in this is hard to explain all I can say is this game is worth playing.

Oxenfree !!Spoilers!!

Is there enough to do in the game? No! I kinda wish there was a few hidden places, unsolved mysteries just something else to keep me playing.

Passing through stages can be slow and worse of all if you click on something while someone is talking or about to… Then expect the conversation to end! and trust me its a pain in the ass when that happens expect it to happen a lot!

There is no running! so expect to walk every where!

and finally the map is a pain in the ass to read

7: Resident Evil

Resident Evil on Rant Time

If anyone remembers when this game was released on the original Play Station in the mid 90’s (1996). It also obtained a title of being the scariest game ever made and it wasn’t far wrong. This game lived up to that title with only a few hard core gamers completing it in that era. We have had horror games prior to this title but nothing to this level of this survival horror which was a survival horror.

Nostalgia: Am I the only one that remembers the title screen saying Resident Evil in a creepy but very cool way? also theBarry Burton quote below.

Barry Burton: What is this?

Jill Valentine: What is it?

Barry Burton: Blood! Jill, see if you can find any other clues. I’ll be examining this… Hope this is not… Chris blood…

Resident Evil !!Spoilers!!

What made this survival horror awesome?

  • The extremely detailed Umbrella storyline that is still continued to this day
  • Being locked in a mansion and attacked by zombies and other messed up experiments (Spiders, Hunters, Dogs, Bee’s, a snake and the freaking Tyrant!)
  • Getting to play as two characters with slightly different stories! (This was an amazing feature that not only gave you value for money your moneys worth in content but made it feel like you had 2 games for the price of one!)

Resident Evil’s Umbrella corporation offers its players a very detailed story spanning over all the games and diving deep into the experimentation of the T virus, the fall of Raccoon City and the global out break to come.

Thou the game has changed from an awesome third person survival horror to semi first person steroid holding gun slinger. What does hold true to its fans is the continuation of Umbrellas hold on the world.

But for me personally this franchise lost me after code veronica with the semi first person shooters.

I’m not saying they are not good games because they are, but I am saying I didn’t get that same survival feeling I got from all the others. (Main thing I hated was the character taking up a third of the freaking screen!)

Are you a RE fan? what do you think of the previous titles ? and are you looking forward to RE 7 Biohazard?

6: Until Dawn

Naughty Until Dawn moment on Rant Time

Do you like horror movies? Now imagine controlling one, Until Dawn gives you the ability to control who lives and who dies in this horror based game. Working along the premise of using the butterfly effect that is based on the choices you make early on for your characters which effects the outcome of the game and the outcome of the characters lives.

We with its mix up of characters there are some we find lovable, creepy and damn right rude. Its a shame we can’t axe a few of them out straight away.

Did you ever play Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy on the Play Station 2?

5: The Lost Crown

The lost crown on RantTime

Not many people know about this little gem of a game.  Why does the lost crown get the number 5 spot ? Well imagine taking an adventure game implementing a treasure hunt oh and combing it with a ghost story! what you get is a black and white ghost hunting adventure in Englands Saxton called The Lost Crown. What you also get is the super well spoken Mr Denver!

From the beginning your greeted by the trains station, Station’s master who for some reason seems to know your name as you progress through the game a little everyone else you encounter also knows your name in return sets the game for a spooky adventure.

4: Corpse Party 

corpse party on ranttime

Did pixel based games ever go out of fashion? This awesome pixel based horror games focuses on a group of school kids, that create a packed to remain friends at Heavenly Host Elementary but something goes horribly wrong.

Corpse Party has a few extra titles worth playing like the original from 1998 on PC, Corpse Party Blood Covered for PC and PSP and finally Corpse Party Book of Shadows.

To add to this list there is also a few anime’s of Corpse Party such as :

  • Corpse Party: Tortured Souls
  • Corpse Party: Missing Footage
  • Corpse Party: Blood Covered
  • Corpse Party: Musume
  • Corpse Party: Another Child
  • Corpse Party Cemetery 0: Kaibyaku no Ars Moriendi
  • Corpse Party: Sachiko no Renai Yuugi♥ – Hysteric Birthday 2U

Awwww the screams!

What is with Japanese horror games always having a sad endings! Seriously JAPAN, it would be nice to play a Japanese horror game that has a nice happy ending! but I suppose it adds to the creepiness.

3: Layers of Fear

Layers of fear on RantTime

I have tried my best to avoid first person games in this list, but this game is a must! If your an artist… no let me reword this. If you want to know what its like as an artist to find inspiration from a dark place this game is a must.

Now let me ask you have you ever had that feeling there is a person in your room when the light go out What about the feeling of someone looking at you through an a jared door.

2: Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2
Laura: Did you confuse me for someone else?

What can I say about the Silent Hill franchise apart from it was a struggle to not put these games as number 1. Every Silent Hill game has its own memorable moments but my personal favourite was Silent Hill 2 as it has some awesome sound tracks, new creatures and a WTF is happening ending.

If you want nightmares I highly recommend Silent Hill 2.

1: Alan Wake 2012

Alan Wake! on Rant Time

This has to be hands down one of the best horror adventure games made. The locations are befitting to a Stephen King book and even the opening Stephen King quote has left its mark on everyone that has played Alan Wake.

“Stephen King once wrote, “Nightmares exist outside of logic, and there’s little fun to be had in explanations; they’re antithetical to the poetry of fear.” In a horror story, the victim keeps asking why – but there can be no explanation, and there shouldn’t be one. The unanswered mystery is what stays with us the longest, and it’s what we’ll remember in the end.”
― Alan Wake

From the beginning I was captivated by the stunning landscapes, the attention to detail and the fantastic story telling that makes this game epic!.

Alan Wake !!Spoilers!!

Creativity brings forth the Darkness

Basic on the story:

Thomas Zane a writer, lost his wife Barbra Jagger who drowned in Cauldron Lake.

Or did she, was it that the darkness needed a vessel and used Barbra for this purpose?

Thomas knowing the lake had power tried to bring his wife back to life using the darkness from the lake but what come back wasn’t his wife.

Thomas than tried to kill his wife by cutting her heart out and getting rid of the darkness.

How far back does the Darkness go? No one knows, we know the lake was used by the Native Americans for many years.

Skip a few years later and what we have is a new writer that is trying to get away from all the troubles and problems from the big city. This is the start of Alan Wake…

If your a fan of some old school TV shows such as Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks, X Files and The Outer Limits then I highly recommend this game to you.

From the moment you enter Bright Falls you feel like your in one of them small movie towns that you would find in a Stephen King movie and like most small towns they have there deep dark secrets.

Twilight Zone I mean Night Springs is awesome in game tv show.

Bonus Retro Picks

Ghouls and Ghosts 1988

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

A Nightmare on Elm Street (video game)

Friday the 13th (NES/Nintendo)


Games that didn’t make the list

  • Outlast
  • Sanctity
  • Legacy of Kain
  • Fear
  • Agony
  • Fear within
  • Darkness

Remember guys, if you think I’ve missed a game or you would change the order, let me know what your list would be in the comments below.


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