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Logan! Wow hands down the best X-Men movie ever!!!


logan 2017 March 3rd on Ranttime.co.uk

F*#K you Logan you nearly made me cry!

Logan !!Spoilers!!
Spoilers below! – Little disclaimer here this article will hold spoilers. If you have not watched this film I suggest you watch it as its bad ass! If you do not wish to know more DO NOT read below these lines as it could ruin your experience.

For those of you that do not know Wolverine is Logan

LOGAN – Broken, Beaten… but 100% Badass!

Let’s start this blog post by saying this movie beat my expectations and made me want more. When I first heard there was a new wolverine movie, I didn’t give it much though. I honestly shrugged it off thinking it was going to be like other X men movie, kids based, bright colourful and no super over powered bad guys.

If anyone remembers the X Men movies starting in the early Y2K, than I’m sure you know what I mean. Each movie started going down hill bit by bit. The best part of all of these movies was Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart well for me it was. One of the biggest flops to a good story was X-Men Origins: Wolverine being the most talked about by far. The biggest problem I had with this movie was having the merc with a mount Dead Pool with NO Mouth! come on directors WTF was you thinking.

Name another messed up on an X Men movie you say… Ok hows the Wolverine movie its not a bad wolverine spin off at all. I just found it had a very boring final boss fight. The Silver Samurai was so boring! and yet it shouldn’t of been, as you have a mecha robot with a lightsaber and yet he didn’t come across as a threatening. Then there is the whole movies plot which was relying on Wolverine’s healing ability which has kinda gone stale over the years.

Other bad guys that had this same issue was when Jean Grey who became the Phoenix! (The most badass, dangerous character ever and yet it ended so easily..) So as you can imagine Logan wasn’t on my must watch list.

But… I’ll give it a go…

So I waited and waited till I couldn’t wait no more and gave Logan a try. I honestly wasn’t expecting much at the beginning. Till the first fight scene and I was hooked! Blood, Gore and Decapitations! yes that’s right decapitations this was not for kids and then what sealed the deal for me was when I heard the first F bomb and from that moment I was hooked.

The color correction the film editors made, really set the mood the movie, it wasn’t bright at all, the color looked as tho it has been sucked out or aged.

A Broken Man

Throughout all the X Men movies there is one thing we know about Logan (Wolverine) is that he is affected by his past, he has nightmares, cold sweats and wants it to end. You really feel for him in this movie. The story gives you more insight into how he feels and you get the picture that Logan is only living for Xavier.

The look and way the director has changed Logan is unbelievable, his over all look is completely different to previous movies. His skin texture, scruffy beard, unhealed scars really set the mood of the issues Logan is going though. You heard the saying old age? well Logan is going through the same but on a mutant level, where he has problems such as Blades (Claws) not fully coming out, bruises not healing walking with a limp and coughing throughout the movie. All of these elements adds up where you can see that he’s a broken man, with no direction, other than to look after Xavier. And WOW is Xavier different, the world’s most powerful mind is now suffering from Alexanders Disease (ALX)


What is Alexanders?

Alexander disease is a progressive and usually fatal neurological disorder in which the destruction of white matter in the brain is accompanied by the formation of abnormal deposits known as Rosenthal fibres. Rosenthal fibres are aggregations of protein that occur in the astrocytes, which are non neuronal, supporting cells of the brain.

Ref: leukodystrophy resource

Let’s just say its not the Xavier we know, this man is a paraplegic with ALX that needs Logan just as much as Logan needs him. Both actors took their skills to new heights and it really shows in this movie. When Xavier has an ALX episode his body spasms and his telekinetic power starts draining the life forces of everyone around him on a mass scale (Not just in the same room).

From the beginning you realise that there isn’t any other mutants, which makes this world feel dark and cold as your asking where are they? what has happened to them? What happened to the X-Mansion?. Every now and then Xavier hints out, with tears that he has done something really bad, where he should be punished for it. It kind of makes you think what did Xavier do?


The movie’s story

Logan has a simple plan, work, save money buy a boat, take Xavier with him so they both can live out the rest of their lives. That is it, simple. But like most X Men movies it never goes as planned and before you know it Logan is tide into a in issue he doesn’t want to be apart off.


X23 / X24 Programme

I will write a new blog post just on these two sections in the future as there is so much I want to say. So please keep visiting ranttime.co.uk regularly to read part two to Logan.


Rant Time thoughts…

Logan is without a doubt the best movie in the X Men genre, but it still has issues one being the bad guys (henchmen). They are boring and none of them seem threatening enough to be worried, even in Logan’s current state you never get that feeling that the bad guys have the upper hand. I found Boyd Holbrook playing the character of Donald Pierce flat, I kept thinking I was watching Sons of Anarchy. Wasn’t Donald Pierce a deep mutant hating bigot? You never get that from this character he just seems like a ranked henchman. Now this would of been awesome if the henchmen were over powered and can kill mutants willy nilly. Making it seem like Logan has no choice but to run and hide (cat and mouse style).

While Logan is not your typical superhero flick it is definitely going to be a fan favourite over all the others, The director shows a unique insight into what the world would be like if no mutants existed. Its very dramatic and you can feel the tension that this is the end of mutant kind.


Everytime… I’ve care for someone, they end up getting hurt – Logan


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