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PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift best tech?

PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift, damn I’m starting to feel old… Hasn’t technology changed in the gaming world in the last 30 years?!! From single vector graphics, 8 bit, 32 bit too virtual reality headsets of 2016. We seem to be one step closer to physically being a part of the matrix. Right now, big organisations are investing large sums of money into getting VR technology done right, so here are a few VR products to look out for: Microsoft’s Hololens or Hologram, HTC vive, Google Glass as well as another two I have mentioned below.

There are two devices in the gaming world that are trending and found a home with gamers and I bet you can guess what two devices I’m talking about are.

The PlayStation VR headset (currently priced at £350)

Products from

    What you get in the box:

    • PlayStation VR headset
    • Processor unit
    • Stereo earbuds
    • HDMI cable
    • USB cable
    • AC adaptor and power cord
    • PS VR headset connection adaptor

    What you need:

    • PlayStation®Camera, sold separately, is required for PlayStation®VR.
    • PlayStation®Move, sold separately, is supported by some PlayStation®VR software.
    • All titles are compatible with the DUAL SHOCK 4, included with every PlayStation 4.

    One thing I hate when it comes to purchasing tech, is not getting everything in the box!!!! I don’t want to buy an item only to have to buy extra parts to make it work!! Unfortunately, the PlayStation VR has this issue.


    Oculus Rift + touch  (currently priced at £550)

    Products from

      In the box:

      • Full virtual reality experience at home
      • Includes everything you need to run VR on your PC
      • Includes headset / sensor / remote / Xbox One wireless controller
      • Integrated VR sound system
      • More bug fixes and patches out for it

      What you need:

      • A powerful PC


      PlayStation VR vs Oculus Rift best tech?

      Best Value For Money

      PlayStation seems to have beaten the Oculus on price by £200.00 but if you haven’t purchased a PlayStation camera expect to fork out another £70.00.

      Visual Quality

      play station vr

      PlayStation VR features:

      • A total screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.
      • OLED display split to deliver a resolution of 960 x 1080 per eye.
      • 100° degree field of view
      • Max refresh rate 90-120 htz
      • Requires a PS4 to run on
      • Built in tracking sensor


      • Requires a PlayStation 4
      • Requires a PlayStation Camera



      Rant Times Oculus Rift

      Oculus Rift

      • Screen resolution of 2160 x 1200 over two
      • OLED displays split to 1080 x 1200 per eye
      • Built-in Tracking sensor
      • 110° degree view
      • Comes with an Xbox One controller


      • Requires 8GB ram
      • An i5 processor
      • Nvidia GTX 970 or above


      Let’s start this by saying

      When it comes to technology and gaming, both VR headsets have shown some amazing results. Emerging one’s self into the game to get the full user experience has raised the bar to new levels.

      Selecting the best unit is difficult to say as they both have pros and cons. If you’re a console gamer and you prefer the console over a PC gaming rig than the PlayStation VR is for you. It’s more cost effective and designed to run with a Play Station 4.

      The Oculus Rift, on the other hand, has a better spec but requires a powerful PC and is more open to homebrew gaming and development.

      Also on a personal level, all the headsets at this current time look very bulky, with velcro straps all over the place. I can only assume when future versions come out they would start to look a lot lighter and more modernised as currently, they look like something from the 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie.

      1995 Ghost In The Shell


      Why Have You Not Added The HTC Vive?

      This is an easy question to answer apart from it being an expensive £750 as of current, it requires a little more than the other two to get the full VR experience such as: one needing room space to move around an open space of 15 ft x 15 ft, a computer with a minimum spec of Nvidia GTX 970, Intel i5 Processor and 4GB ram ddr3, having to mount base stations around your room to monitor movement.

      HTC Vive

      • Full virtual reality experience at home
      • Includes everything you need to run VR on your PC
      • 32 headset sensors for 360° motion tracking
      • 110° field of view for captivating immersion

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