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Are you a fan of Sword Art Online?

I recently took the time to rewatch Sword Art Online and you know what… It was just as good as the first time I watched it.

Yep… I rewatched Sword Art Online for a second time.

sword art online group

For those of you that haven’t watched this awesome anime, let me ask you a question are you into fantasy based role playing games with intense action and a good storyline? If yes, then Sword Art Online is a must watch. For myself, it brought back so many old memories where I would spend hours playing Guild Wars trying to solo the Underworld and FoW with a 55HP monk, Warrior Zerg and others builds.

Yes I was a solo player! This was the same in Wow and other MMOrpg’s.

Sword art online over powered

Just in case I spoil the show for someone I’ll place my disclaimer here: this post may/will contain spoilers, it definitely will.

So back to Sword Art Online, we follow the main protagonist Kazuto Kirigaya also known as Kitiro from his gamer tag (this is also the name we would be using throughout this article). Kitiro was chosen to be apart of a 1,000 person beta test of the virtual reality world of Sword Art Online ALO before its initial release. This is where he got the advantage to hone his skills and learn the layout of the land a little more than the newer players.

Upon its general release to the public, Kitiro and over 10,000 other online gamers logged in, only to find out they couldn’t log out. They was stuck in a virtual world to leave at this point meant death.

We find this out when every online gamer is ported to the same location, the death rule is then explained by the creator of the game directly to every character.

But what really made the game world really unsettling was this if you died in the game you died in real life regardless of the death. One slip, one poorly timed attack and its curtains. There was no continues, no phoenix down and no save points. There was just one goal for people to achieve and that is to beat the game or to live by surviving long enough for someone else to.

Unlike the beta testing periods where bosses were easier to handle, the final release amped the enemy AI making it close to impossible to survive in this world without a sound plan of action or a strong team. for example: The first level boss had a different attack pattern compared to the beta release, which meant even for the beta testers this boss fight was something new.

While watching the show, you start to see the character development of a small party forming and throughout the show you will find characters you like, bond with and in turn relate to, but for the majority of the time this is short lived. While the show is good, it also has its bad points. See below “Issues I found with Sword Art Online” 

Jumping close to the end of the show we find our protagonist Kitiro face to face with the antagonist Heathcliff who’s true identity is Akihiko Kayaba, the creator of Sword Art Online a GM (Game Master), but while Kitiro is about to die his human will pushes his spirit far beyond death, giving him the opportunity to land the final blow to Heathcliff and there for completing the game.

Akihiko Kayaba Sword Art Online


Issues I found with Sword Art Online:

Now this is a big one for me. Asuna, one of the lead female characters from the beginning who has awesome fighting abilities to match and who could probably match Kitiro or at least put him in his place. Throughout the show she starts to become a scared woman that hid (kinda) behind Kitiro to become his love interest. It seems so easy to forget when watching the show that she was a leader of a large guild planning to complete the game.

Asura Sword art online awesome fighter


The death of Diavel! In the anime Kitiro is leaning over Diavel holding a health potion, but for some strange reason Diavel isn’t using it! It’s a bit of a WTF! moment as Diavel seems to be an awesome character focused on saving everyone so when you see him dying you start shouting at the screen “F*CKING DRINK THE DAMN POTION!”


Why is there so many side quests in the anime?


Guys, I hope you liked this blog post if you’re a fan of SAO please let me know your view in the comments below.


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