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Stranger Things WTF!!!

Is Stranger Things an epic or fail?

Netflix's Stranger Things Seriously WTF!!!... Epic or Fail? Logo

Seriously WTF!!!…W…T…F… wait… let me add this disclaimer!

DISCLAIMER: Let me just say this post on Stranger Things will contain spoilers and references to other movies, shows and books found in and around the show, so if you haven’t watched the show STOP reading this, STOP watching trailers on YouTube, RantTime, Vimeo and just watch the show!! I repeat WATCH THE SHOW!  Then get your butt back to Rant Time and voice your opinion in the forum on here.

Sorry about that, now where was I…..oh yes, Seriously WTF Netflix! Personally I have to say for me what an amazing first season! I can only assume that if you’re still reading this, you have watched Season 1 and can’t wait for Season 2.

Let me just give the show and it’s story a little breakdown: A tiny spot of light in the mass void of darkness that makes Stranger Things so awesome. So let us dive in and start with a very over looked part of every TV show.


The Logo and Intro Music

Being a graphic designer, illustrator and multi-platform programmer, the first thing I took notice of was the design of the title’s logo and the theme song. The logo had me puzzled for a while as it gave me a sense of nostalgia and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I knew I had seen that style of typography before… then it hit me! If you’re from the 80’s era, you more than likely have heard of the epic world famous writer Stephen King? If you have then you know that he wrote some awesome books like: The Thing, Children of the Corn, Misery and I.T. If you take a closer look at the show’s logo then look at the Stephen King book jackets, you should see a similarity.

Stehen King Books Netflix's Stranger Things Seriously WTF!!!... Epic or Fail?
Can you see the similarity?

Not only that but the music for the theme is heavily synthesized, just like the movie Drive.

Well enough about that, let us talk about the show!!!!!!!!


That is so cool… wait, was that from?

Throughout this show, you will notice the Duffer brothers pay homage to some awesome 80’s/90’s movies such as: The Goonies, Stand By Me, Twin Peaks, I.T, ET, Star Wars, The Matrix, Alien, Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), The Thing, Nightmare on Elm Street, Close Encounters of the Third Kind… just to name a few.

A majority of these movies and books all heavily feature a sense of wonder, adventure, something dark and hidden, while having something uncontrollable. Stranger Things is no exception to this and it captures the world from which it is set so nicely that you feel drawn in. You know there are so many things going on, but you’re ok with it. The story gives you small bites at a time and doesn’t bombard you with different character development, side stories and FREAKING stupid love triangles…

You know who the good guys are and you know who the bad guys are, it’s simple but it makes it easy and enjoyable to watch.


Character Development!

All the characters seem to be very like-able and I’m sure that everyone has their favorite. For myself, it’s Dustin played by Gaten Matarazzo, who made it worth watching. Dustin has that nostalgic 80’s character personality that made Stranger Things in the same way Chunk made The Goonies. Dustin is an awesome actor for such a young kid, but Mike Wheeler (played by Finn Wolfard) the lead character, set the show and did an excellent job doing so.

Mike also helped develop Eleven’s character (Eleven is Lii Lii Chan’s favourite character but she loves Dustin’s cheekiness.) and made her so like-able. I think that the viewers feel Eleven needs protecting even though she’s the most powerful human being possessing telekinetic powers, she is still a young scared child. In all honestly after watching the first episode, I wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons because of the way Mike played the Dungeon Master.

For some reason; I could and couldn’t take to Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer). In some scenes I liked her and in others I didn’t. I was swayed because she’s a bit of a book worm but most of the time I couldn’t stand her scenes and couldn’t wait for them to be over.  Furthermore, a reason why I think a lot of us stepped away from liking Nancy’s character was because of the way she treated her best friend Barb and forgot all about her, while the character development showed them as close best friends.

Who is your favourite Stranger Things character?

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Enough about the characters tell me about the Stranger Things story!


The adventure starts when a young boy named Will Byers goes missing on his way home, from a group game of Dungeons and Dragons. This is where the adventure starts like most 80’s style movies with over the top government experiments but this time it’s about how a young girl called Eleven who is the key to connecting and walking through parallel universes but also has awesome telekinetic powers.  Eleven has these powers thanks to the bad guys (in this post we’ll call the government the bad guys) carrying out experiments on her in a typical creepy government type of way.. does that makes sense? Probably not. Just bear with me as I don’t want to give away too many spoilers for those that haven’t watched the show.

Eleven touches a weird looking creature called The Demogorgon from another world (wait seriously like anyone would freaking do that). After touching The Demogorgon, the creature tries to follow her back but gets stuck and now lives in between the parallel universe (imagine a mirror and the creature lives on the other side of it).

Anyway to wrap this up, the group of friends do their best to try and find Will but what they find is not what they expected!

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