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Watch Dogs 2 Will it be over hyped? Mr Robot anyone?

Watch Dogs 2 but before we talk about the game, does anyone remember playing Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs the original? if so you probably remember all the hype from the first trailer which was shown at e3 in 2012. The game was meant to set the bar for next-generation gaming and wow did the trailer work. The trailer showed some amazing visual results, a new style of game play and gaming elements never before seen.  I remember the first time I watched the development of watch dogs and though to my self wow what an awesome game and guess what.. you got it I was sold into the hype as I had to get it… it was defiantly apart of preorder list.

Watch Dogs e3 2012 trailer
Just because Watch Dogs was SUPER over hyped doesn’t means its not good because it is lets not get that wrong. It’s was worth playing then and still is worth playing today. It has some fun elements, like listening in to peoples conversations, Connecting white lines! (Hacking) and having a bit of a free roam city but it gets boring and annoying after the first hour or two.

Let me just mention something about the hacking, the game was seriously hyped on a new feature of hacking items around the city, but what we got was connect this white line to this white line and fail..errr. try again.. fail.. f*ck! wait if I go connect it here its done… now what did I want to do here? By the time you finished hacking something your original idea was gone.

Imagine if hacking was that easy!

Can you imagine if hacking was as easy as connecting white lines, no code needed, no programmers wanted here! Java, Python… Suck it! I just need to connect this line to that line and bam! Rant Time is as big a Apple!

So what else was over hyped?

What else was over hyped in the trailer? The graphics of course! If like me during that period in time you was running tri sli + the pci-1 physx card by nvidia on ultra settings and I still couldn’t get the same graphics as the e3 trailer shown above, that was because from what we know Ubisoft downgrade there visual graphics to help with porting. How true this is or not i’m not sure. Instead of next gen graphics what we got was high CPU’s, Ramped up memory and disk drives running at 100% see the video below for graphics comparisons.

The story…

Was Watch Dogs a good story yes, but the main character isn’t to likable and so boring. I can’t remember the full story to well, but what I do remember was one of your family members gets killed and you find the person responsible.

The question you should be asking is: does the story feel full? Because the answer would be half full, you follow the lead character in his journey to get revenge, but it ends open for a part two which guess what… we have coming out now in 2016. But from the trailer I would say the two games are not connected.

Let’s hope it doesn’t feel as repetitive as the original game. For some reason I remember Watch Dogs felt like Saints Row 4 but not as quirky did anyone else get that feeling?


Everyones favourite element “Free Roam”

Time after time Rock Stars Grand Theft Auto has set the bar for free roaming! Watch Dogs free roam is extremely restrictive! Very realistic but restrictive on what you can and can’t do. You can’t interact with NPC’s in a physical/violent way even if you really want to hit someone for the way they are treating someone else. But in GTA its pure rampage! 5 star wanted level!!! ARHHH! But I do understand not all free roaming games are GTA or Saints Row.


The question now is, will Watch Dogs 2 be as over hyped?

Have you seen the trailer above? again wow! The game is looking awesome and has elements of what look like Mr Robot the tv show. I’m picturing a group of elite hackers fighting back against an evil corporation. (Throw your fists in the air and say “stick it to the man!”)

But let’s hope Watch Dogs 2 is more interactive with the world, the characters are likable, the story is strong and giving the character more freedom in free roam.

Rant Times Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2 Looking very urban – Rant Time!

I’m going to end this post with this:

I’m not falling for the hype of Watch Dogs 2 as I know first hand, what we see in a trailer is not always what we get in the final product!. So with this new found knowledge I am more swayed than ever in not pre-ordering Ubisoft’s: Watch Dogs 2. In all honesty, the first game was a good game and no doubt the second one should be but I don’t want to be a part of the pre-order statistics waiting for patch fix and updates.

If you’re a PC gamer then you more than likely know the first few days of a games launch is where it really gets beta tested by gamers around the world. Bugs are high, patches are few and I always seem to get issues. For example Batman kept giving me a black screen till the patch. GTA 5 random crashes and no multiplayer till the patch. So this time, I may wait for a few patch fixes prior to obtaining a copy.

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