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Top 10 Ultimate Weapons in Games

Ultimate Weapons!

With a title like that we need to talk about… Weapons of mass destruction! Wahahahaha! That was a joke…..well another future post to come but for now the joke’s over so let’s talk about the real topic Rant Times “Top 10 Ultimate Weapons in games”

Games, since we could remember have created some amazing weapons, only to hide them within the world for the player to find them. But not every player finds them and not every player knows about them.

The Rules:

  • For this to work it can only be one game title, so if it’s a sequel of games they all go under one title.
  • The weapons have to be something a player unlocks by completing a very crazy, hard to do/almost impossible task.
  • It has to be a weapon NOT armour
  • It has to be a character’s weapon and not a planet/star destroyer, summoning, magic power or any other non physical weapon.


With all this said, let’s get this top 10 Ultimate Weapons in Games started!

  • 10: Oblivion – The Umbra Sword
  • 9: Golden Eye – The Golden Gun!
  • 8: Dead Space 2 – Hand Cannon
  • 7: Dead Rising Mega Man Blaster
  • 6: Assassin’s Creed Eagle of Sugar sword
  • 5: Dying Light – Excalibur and Angel Sword
  • 4: Resident Evil (Rocket Launcher)
  • 3: Metal Gear Solid – Patriot
  • 2: Guild Wars (1&2) Legendary weapons
  • 1: Final Fantasy (JRPG FF 7-10)


Breakdown of the Weapons

10: Oblivion – The Umbra Sword

oblivion umbra sword

If you’re a fan of Skyrim, then you’ll more than likely know about The Elder Scrolls stories like Morrowwind and Oblivion, but how many of you knew that in the games you could obtain an epic legendary weapon that was forged by a witch and is said to consume the player. This is an easy sword to find using Wiki, but why this game gets the 10 spot? Find the sword without Wiki!


9: Golden Eye – The Golden Gun!

James bonds Golden Gun

When it comes to an ultimate weapon, I think everyone knows about the Golden Gun from James Bond’s Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64. When playing multiplayer, whoever has the 1 shot kill golden gun finds themselves chasing players around as all it takes it 1 shot and you win!


8: Dead Space 2 – Hand Cannon

Dead Space 2 the hand canon

Just like another game in this list, when you complete Dead Space 2 on hardcore mode within a time and save limit, you get the weirdly over powered Hand Cannon. Imagine a number 1 fan finger with the power to destroy everything in its way?! Oh it also says Bang and puuh!


7: Dead Rising Mega Man Blaster

54,000 zombies later we have the megaman blaster dead rising
54,000 zombies later we have the Mega Man blaster dead rising

We all love zombie killing, but imagine having to kill 54,000 zombies and completing the game to obtain the Mega Blaster! Only issue I had with this was after killing 54,000 zombies I got bored of the game when I got the Mega Blaster.


6: Assassin’s Creed –  Eagle of Sugar


Assassin’s Creed is full of mystery hidden locations and view points. By working out and following a set of 6 riddles to find locations of symbols, you can scan them with your sense ability to unlock the location of the Eagle of Sugar sword!.

In Assassin’s Creed’s previous games, you have the chance to find treasure maps that lead to finding Altair’s sword and amour sets as well as a wide range of other characters in the genre.


5: Dying Light – Expcalibur and Angel Sword

Lady of the lake, Excalibur

Dying Light is a fast paced zombie apocalypse, par cure, free roaming first person game. So you would need a weapon strong enough to slay every zombie in your way! The Angel Sword not only cuts zombies and bandits in half but also electrocutes them and burns them! Meanwhile the Expcalibur has the ability to instantly kill zombies while knocking them far away from you.


4: Resident Evil – Rocket Launcher

Resident Evil Jill Valentines unlimited rocket launcher

When IMHO Resident Evil WAS a great game focusing on being a survival horror genre. Let’s talk about the one item we all wanted and tried to get by spending so many hours and wearing the reset button out. We all went to so much trouble to obtain the unlimited-ammo Rocket Launcher, a secret unlockable weapon given to you after completing Resident Evil in under three hours.


3: Metal Gear Solid – Patriot

Metal gear solid snake eater the partiot gun

Raise your hand if you have never heard of Metal Gear Solid….If you raised your hand, please leave the room as you have failed your gaming licence! For us die hard Metal Gear Solid fans, it was a treat and a shock when we couldn’t unlock the bandana in Snake Eater or my favourite the Stealth Cloak. But what we did get was a bad ass machine gun with unlimited ammo called The Patriot.


2: Guild Wars (1 & 2)

guildwars-legendary weapons

If you’re a fan of MMO’s then Guild Wars should be on your list, next to World of Warcraft. What gets Guild Wars second place is trying to obtain a Legendary weapon! This should be number 1 spot for what it takes to get a Legendary but everyone hates grinding, especially grinding this hard!

1: Final Fantasy (JRPG FF 7-10)

Final Fantasy

When it comes to obtaining ultimate weapons, Final Fantasy sets the bar high on how to get the best of the best from hidden dungeons to boss fights to chocobo racing. Each character in the game has an Ultimate Weapon so if you think one weapon is hard to get try and get it for your entire party.

Final Fantasy memorable weapons

  • Squall’s the Lion Heart gun blade
  • Tidus’s Celestial Weapon the Caladbolg
  • Clouds Ultima weapon
  • Red XIII Limited Moon
  • and so fourth……


So you read our “Top 10 Ultimate Weapons in games on Rant Time, now using the rules. What would your top 10 be?


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