This has to be 5 of the worse games made plus extras

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5 of the WORST GAMES made!….plus extras!

You got that right 5 of the worse games made! It should be a law for AAA game developers to have a product standard before a game is released to the public. #qualitycontrol then this will hopefully tick boxes for game developers, like I don’t know having a finished f*cking product? As silly as it sounds, games in the list below were released by AAA game company knowing they were unfinished and broken. It’s not just good practice to make sure ever product is finished but to a standard you’re willing to put your name against, it should be a global standard.


So let’s start this list with 5 of the worst games made!.. plus extras!

  • 5: Two Worlds
  • 4: Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties
  • 3: Big Rigs
  • 2: Raven’s Cry
  • 1: Ride To Hell Retribution

Bonus Extras:


Mind Jack

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

ET the extraterrestrial, but there is a walk-through explaining how to complete the game.

Def Jam Icon

Nearly every Superman game! or movie based game


Two Worlds

two-worlds is rubbish Rant Time

I was so hyped to get Two Worlds! I remember when Elder Scrolls Oblivion was released and the online comments was stating that two worlds will blow Oblivion out the water. There was even a comment from the developer of Two Worlds saying it was more meatier than Oblivion. But what we got were a group of clowns doing some extremely poor f*cking voice acting, the character models were broken constantly and contorting/deforming themselves when talking to NPCs, the horse controls didn’t work and when they did something else would break.

Let’s not even start talking about enemy AI, but the worst and scariest part of the game were the eye movements. It has to be the worst in any game to date! You would talk to an NPC and all of a sudden your character’s eyes start rolling around.

Grab the holy water and burn it with fire!

Before I got to the second town I made it my quest to return the game for a full refund! The funny part is I wasn’t alone. This game had a 1-star rating everywhere as well as avoid comments written by gamers. People who wanted the full experience waited weeks for patches to be released, was it worth all the hype? If you have completed the game it would be great to hear from you.


Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties

plumbers-dont-wear-ties On Rant Time Naughty Game

This is one of those funny movie choice games you wouldn’t believe existed. It’s like a cross between a National Lampoons movie and a soft core porn flick. What on earth was going through the director’s head during the creation of it.

The story is so confusing it makes no sense! It goes from a topless shower scene to a job interview scene to a sexual harassment case scene! Then we have some Karate girl narrator who ends up dying by another narrator…it’s such a mess!


Big Rigs

Big Rigs Racing on Rant Time

If you hate losing then this is the game for you! It seems to be impossible to lose! If you want to clear the track quicker try driving in reverse. BUT seriously a game that’s not even half way complete was released to the public. It’s a shame because now the game is just more plastic buried under ground destroying Mother Earth.


Ravens Cry

ravenscry GTA pirates Rant Time!

I always wanted a GTA style pirate world, but unfortunately when this game was released it was broken with floating graphics, invisible walls and a story that’s impossible to complete.


Ride To Hell Retribution

ride-to-hell crap rubish Rant Time

The finale in this list, Ride To Hell Retribution has to be the worst game ever made by far hands down! I don’t think any pride was put into this game at all as this game makes two worlds feel like a masterpiece. Can anyone remember the original trailer? It looked like an awesome 1960’s – 1970’s style motorbike gang in an open world sandbox like Grand Theft Auto.

There wasn’t a game like it at the time so it would’ve made sense to develop it to give the gamers that true “born to be wild” feeling. So what happened?!! Because the game we got was sh*t! Nothing like the promising trailer in any way shape or form. The game featured in the trailer looked epic and it had such an impact! The artwork and visual story looked strong and best of all, people looked like people! But like I do before the final release was a pile of Sh*t! Not only was it a platformer but it was a broken platformer.

What happened to that 1960’s open world? Because all I am say about this game is that it was a pile of sh*t with recycled skins, the same bad guys over and over and the same levels on repeat! Let’s not even discuss what happens when you save a woman! Worse pile of sh*t game ever! (I hate this game!)

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